Sunday, January 24, 2010

Humble Plans...

Working out the details to go visit Mother Humble in the UK this spring. So I'll be blogging from London for a few weeks. Of course, this probably won't involve much cooking but certainly plenty of eating. (Anyone have recommendations for good eats in and around London?)

I'm also working out the details for a few side trips around the UK...and beyond.

Where? Okay I'll give a few clues:

I'll take my meat with a side of... more meat!

You know, there just isn't enough sheep head on this blog. Don't worry, I'll make every attempt to fix that terrible flaw.

Looks like fun doesn't it!

Can't back out now, Mother Humble!

Edit for Mother Humble:

Oh come on! This looks way better than a strawberry...

We can play, "Guess what part of the sheep's head this nugget comes from!"

Memories are made when a family bonds over offal.


  1. The real question now is, "Will Ms. Humble eat a sheep head for the sake of the blog?" Given that we had a rather large issue with the humble carrot when you were young and there continues to be a strawberry issue, I'm skeptical. I'm hoping for maximum peer pressure from your readers...

  2. My Question is: will Mother Humble share in the delights of sheeps head or will she choose a humble carrot instead? Only time will tell.

  3. P.S. I'm busy working on my toad in the hole and spotted dick recipes... There will be loads of good eating while you are here!

  4. If I'm eating sheep head then you're going to have a big plate of those succulent brains.

    Toad in the hole recipes? Ooohhh!

  5. Mmmmmmmm.....offal......testicles

    I want pictures of both Humbles gnawing the meat off a sheeps skull.

    Thankyouplease :) xx

  6. A good place to visit is Ireland. There you can get "black and white pudding" in just about any restuarant. Personaly I didn't like it but it is very popular there. It's made from blood. We visited a pub in Dublin called Temple Bar. Great atmosphere but probably a bit crowded for Humble people. Guiness on tap and the largest Whiskey collection in the world. Check out my blog for photos of Ireland.

  7. How exciting :D offal is the one thing my family has never bonded over...

  8. LOL! Y'all are just crazy funny! I love this blog. I can always expect a dose of humor and fabulous food!

  9. if you're going to be in london, you definitely need to have a curry in brick lane - my favorite is bengal village ( but take a walk and look around all the different curry houses, as each restaurant will have a representative haggling prices on the sidewalk (i.e. free poppadoms, free beer, etc.).
    for a good cooked english breakfast, SOS by smithfield market ( is worth the saturday morning trek.
    i've got loads more but won't clog your comment page! i've been a long-time reader and just got a tumblr of my own; i'm now inspired to write a list of must-eat's in london!
    happy travels -

  10. Have a Pimms cup at the Covent Garden Hotel!

  11. If it's offal you're going for... I assume you'll visit Scotland and try haggis? It isn't bad!

    As for side trips around the UK, I recommend a whiskey tour in Scotland, even a short one. It was my favorite event when I was there. :)

  12. ? isn't that North Africa? (even tho its nowhere near England...) sheep head is huuuge there. and sheep stomach gets two thumbs down!

  13. Ding Ding!

    It is Marrakech. Yes, it is a little ways from London, but we're making the side trip nontheless. Once you've made the 13-18 hour trip from Seattle to London, a short flight to Morocco doesn't seem so bad.

  14. Sweet my bf's from Algeria... I actually posted my Algerian Independence Day/birthday Cakes (from summer) a few days ago
    Enjoy Morocco!

  15. I have lots of recommendations for places to go in London, seeing as I spend most of my free time doing foodie things there!

    If you would like some (comprehensive) suggestions I would be happy to put something together for you, it would be nice to give a fellow blogger the inside scoop!

  16. One of my best friends lives in London! I've visited her 4 times in 6 years and I spend every moment I can eating. Don't miss Borough Market. It's a foodie's dream come true. Also, check out the book It's all locally owned (non-touristy) restaurants and shops. Get a sandwich at Fernandez & Wells in Soho, get fish & chips at The Golden Hind. Eat bubble & squeak wherever you can find it. Enjoy!

  17. Loving the recommendations, folks!

    Chezluce, yes please! I would love them!


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