Monday, July 19, 2010

Birthday Giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone!

Today Ms. Humble turns thirty.

That's right, it's my birthday and I'm absolutely not baking a cake today. I'm just going to eat it. Lots of cake to celebrate my inexorable march towards death. Woo!

It is a princess cake, if you're curious. My absolute favorite.

So before I get out on my thrilling birthday errands (like going to the DMV to renew my drivers license, ugh) I'm going to do a quick post. A birthday giveaway!

CSN contacted me, asking if I would like to do another giveaway or review. So I have yet another $150 certificate to spend as I please and once again, I'm going to give it away to my readers since, based on the last giveaway, you guys need A LOT of stuff.

So a $150 gift certificate! For the winner to spend as they please. I will note once again that the certificate doesn't cover shipping costs but most of the stuff on CSN has or qualifies for free shipping anyway.

We're going to do basically the same thing I did last time. For fun I'm going to ask you: What would you buy with $150? stocks just about everything you might need for the full life cycle of your cooking. Everything from a simple silicon spatulas to a full dining room set to serve it in.

So, what do you need for your baking projects?

So think about what you would like to win and leave a comment below including:
  • Your email address (you're welcome to obfuscate it to avoid spammers, just include it. Please. )
  • What sort of baking/cooking from their housewares store that you really want or need. A copper bowl, a fancy french oven, some new knives or that huge dining room set?
  • If you follow my blog, or start following my blog, I'll enter your name twice into the drawing. That would be the little Follow link on the right with the 2000+ other folks. You'll be in good company, don't worry. If you also follow/like on Facebook I'll enter you three times. Just be sure to mention this when you enter (To be fair, I will be verifying that the winner was entitled to however many entries they got).
  • If you can't comment (due to technical issues, etc), email me. I received a few entries via email for the last giveaway and I did count them--even if I didn't find the time to reply--and I will count them this time too.

This time I'm going to open the giveaway to ALL of my readers. Even those of you who live in countries far, far away. Countries that CSN doesn't ship to. I'm willing to act as middle man and ship it to you free of charge.

For my readers outside of the U.S. and Canada: Since shipping packages internationally can get ridiculously expensive (often costing more than the contents of the package, as I've learned shipping things to my mother in the U.K.) I'm going to put a few limitations on this. I hope my international readers understand.
  • You have $100 to spend as you see fit at any of CSN's stores (I'll cover any costs of shipping to my home) we'll coordinate all this via email.
  • The item(s) you choose MUST fit into a 12" x 12" x 5.5" box and be under 20lbs. This should be easy to do as CSN generally lists the weight and dimensions of its items.
  • You are responsible for any duties, fees or other customs requirements that your government imposes.
  • I will cover the cost of shipping and insurance (if available), etc.
  • While I will do what I can with the shipper to prevent/fix it, I am not responsible if the package is lost, stolen, opened, damaged or eaten by monsters while in transit.

Sound good? Okay!

As for my birthday. I got everything I wanted. Ms. Humble finally, FINALLY got her Easy Bake Oven from Mother Humble. Very funny, Mom.

Thanks. That frosting gun-pen thing is ridiculous. I'm going to bake with this and post it to the blog. I know you're all itching for some hot and fresh lightbulb baked treats.

I also was given a Sous Vide. I know, crazy right? Looks like I have a new kitchen gadget to play with.

Back to the giveaway. You're all welcome to enter anytime between now and 9am PST on July 26th. I'll hold the drawing and announce the lucky winner next week.

Ms. Humble


  1. damn-- last contest you ran I said I'd like a Sous Vide and a pony. I guess that means you're also getting a pony later?

    I still want the sous vide. Or even a really good multi-purpose all-clad pan.

  2. I would get the SPT Hot Water Pot to quickly make tea or have hot water on hand while cooking!

    ule.logue at gmail dot come

  3. there are so many gadgets i need, a rolling pin, a seive, a zester and lots more!!! also, i am a follower of your blog and also a facebook fan! woo 3 entries!! hope i win!

  4. I have been baking up a storm and with all this awesome summer fruit, I've really been missing a tart pan (and mini tart pans!). A mini muffin pan I am also in dire need of. There's so much great stuff on that site, it's hard to choose!

    I'm a follower of this blog AND I liked you on Facebook, so 3 entries please!!!

  5. I suspect it wouldn't cover it completely, but I would love to put that $150 toward a chest freezer (I'm doing a lot of cooking and baking and freezing and running out of room!)

  6. Firstly, Happy Birthday! :D :D Hope the weather holds up and that you have a fantastic day~~ =]

    Like I said in your last giveaway, I'd really like a stand mixer for home. My little sister loves to bake but we don't have much bakeware/equipment so if I didn't get a stand mixer, I'd get her pastry tools/baking pans. Or get myself some pans and storage containers so I can cook at college. >_<;; Meal plans are so expensive at my school! :O

    Thanks to you and CSN for hosting this giveaway! My email address is brooke.pian *at* - I also follow your blog and your FB page!

  7. Happy happy birthday! Hope the DMV lines are pretty short for you! :-)

    Having hand squeezed a whole lot of lemons to make lemonade for a party last weekend, I'm still holding out for a juicer! :-)

    I follow your blog and I also follow on Facebook!

    geojlc at gmail dot com

  8. ooooo... I would definitely have to buy a nice salt and pepper grinder set. I love fresh cracked pepper and sea salt but we still don't have a set.

  9. Don't forget the emails folks!

    The sous vide is pretty great. I can't wait to test it out.

    I certainly hope I don't get a pony. Unless they breed one that doesn't poop, eats cake and can live in the garage. I don't exactly have a yard...

  10. Ugh!! I need a little of everything, am moving into my first place with my fiance, and we have a rag-tag collection of everyone's cast-offs

    Happy Birthday!!

  11. Just moved into new apartment and I'm missing mom's fully stocked kitchen. I lack EVERYTHING- a scale, measuring cups, rolling pin, baking sheets. You name it, I dont have it!!

  12. I'm getting married this summer, and I pretty much have all my junk from scrounging thrift stores for things that barely function. I'd love some good knives. Cooking with my fiance's bachelor crap knives is just irritating beyond belief.

    I follow your blog on GReader and FB. Email: kelley . erin (at) gmail

    Huzzah! good luck to all!

  13. OH HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Enjoy your cake!!

    I would love to be entered in the giveaway because I just bought a condo so I'm going to need a lot of stuff. I would probably buy a toaster or a lamp or a rug or a shelving compartment or a throw blanket or Omg there is alot I could do with that money on the stores. Maybe some cake pans too!

    I'm a follower of you here & on twitter.


    Have a great birthday!

  14. Happy Birthday!

    I'd put the gift certificate toward a Kitchenaid mixer... not very original, but probably the most expensive thing I want for my kitchen at the moment.

    I'm a follower via my google reader, but not via FB... yet!

    minnaming [at] gmail [dot] com.

  15. Oh gosh, there's so much to choose from. A roasting pan and some stemware are definitely at the top of my list, though.

    Oh, and I follow your blog through Google Reader.

    Happy birthday!

    catherinehoman at

  16. I also follow your blog, and am a facebook friend! Kroseycorn [at] gmail [dot] com.

    Seriously, I might just buy an Easy Bake oven if they have those. I always wanted one as a kid, but my Father told me that I could "just use the real oven." So... I think I'm grateful and bitter about that. Seriously, though... a knife sharpener is what I really need, because mine are dull as spatulas. And maybe a spatula or two, because I mistakenly use them as knives.

  17. Happiest of birthdays to you! I am - Should I win, I would love to invest in some new countertop accessories; spice rack, spoon rest, utensils, etc. for my new house! I am a facebook fan and have followed your blog for months (although, not officially until today)!

  18. Oh my... where to start... I'd love to have one of the granite-topped kitchen carts, or a new rice cooker ;]
    But there is so much on there, I could never decide... Especially with all the cute aprons and tea towels <3
    I follow you on Facebook and Twitter,
    Anjel.Cake at

  19. Happy Birthday!!! I follow your blog and am a friend on facebook!!

    I would LOVE to get their new pink pie dish as well as some of their petite tart pans. OH SO CUTE!!!!

  20. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you have a fab day!!

    I would buy the Le Creuset 9.5" Stoneware Tart Dish in Kiwi. First off it matches my wonderful french oven that I use all the time, and secondly because I don't have a pretty pie pan! I love to make pies for my father, he really likes the apple pie I make him every year when apples are in season.
    I think I'd also get the Le Creuset 10.25" Iron Handle Skillet in Kiwi because I don't have a good pan that is oven safe, to be able to finish off recipes in the oven or broiler!

    I follow you on facebook as well as your blog!!

    amandacakes at gmail dot com

    thanks so much!!!
    Keep blogging!!


  21. $150 to spend on anything cooking-related? A French mandoline, for sure. I grated part of my thumb this weekend while making mango coleslaw. Ow. Ow. Ow.

    Jena (jena . snyder @ gmail . com)

  22. Well, this could be happy for both of us! I would like a kick-ass Le Creuset cookware. Okay a small piece. But wouldn't I be the envy of all my friends.

    I am a follower and I will follow you on facebook also.

    Okay, and sell my soul. How many points does that get me.

  23. A new mixer, before mine lights the house on fire (or electrocutes me). I'll use it to make science cookies!


  24. I'd get a decent chef's knife because I'm tired of hacking at and sawing my food. One of these days, I'm going to lose a finger. Oh, and I follow your fabulous blog and I'm a FB fan as well! I'm lawyerloveslunch at gmail dot com. Happy Birthday, Ms. Humble :)

  25. growmyown,

    Three entries, but you get to spend eternity eating cake with me.

  26. Happy birthday! Enjoy your princess cake, you deserve it!

    Things from CSN I would love to welcome into my kitchen. Lets see here, a mortar and pestle, a few more silicone spatulas, a copper bowl, a new apron, a pretty pasta bowl, the list goes on and on. I'd probably have to narrow it down a bit wouldn't I? :)

    I follow your blog on my google reader too.

  27. Happy birthday!
    I'd could definitely use their cake plate with a dome top - I make so many cakes, but I'd make so many more if I could transport them!
    My email's corig123 at gmail dot com, and I also follow in google reader.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. I am in desperate need of new knives and cutting boards. I also wouldn't mind an awesome skillet.

  30. Happy Birthday! I just had mine too, and a wonderful (belated) present would be the ORE Wood Kitchen Cart - H-43 at CSN!
    katiekarr at gmail dot com

  31. I subscribe in my reader.
    katiekarr at gmail dot com

  32. Geekmomma42 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you have a great day!

    If I won, I would get new cookie sheets and a half sheet cake pan. Maybe a cookie cutter or two ... My baking sheets are so sad ... so very sad ... and sticky ... and downright gross. I follow on FB and the blog!

  33. Happy Birthday!
    The items that are on the top of my kitchen list right now are:
    -cast iron skillet
    -dutch oven
    -copper cooking pans
    and the big shebang, a kitchen aid artisan stand-alone mixer. Except that one will have to wait, I have very limited counter space in my apartment :(

    I've got you on Google, FB, and twitter, and I love it!

  34. I would have gotten a 1/20 of theWaterford 12 Days Footed Cake Plate & Knife Set but sadly they are sold out. In lieu of that I suppose I would get some nifty silicon bakeware as my son is off to college soon and I will need to bake yummy things that taste of home.

  35. The past 7 or 8 times I have baked cookies, I've said to myself "Tomorrow, I am going to buy some cooling racks." What I would give for a simple, wire cooling rack, or three! Oh, and a nice copper bowl, since there will be some money left over! :D

    ali (underscore) supremo (at) hotmail (dot) com

  36. Happy Birthday!
    Nice giveaway! I'd get an immersion hand blender, a misto, and maybe a smaller dutch oven (I have a huge one, and it'd be good to have a smaller one!).
    I follow you!

  37. All the best on your 30th birthday! :) I love that your mother got you an Easy Bake oven. Looking forward to reading your reviews of the new and improved version. I got a green one when I was a kid (that might tell you how old I am. :)and really enjoyed using it.
    Once again entering your contest to win...I really need a new kitchen and I remember they do sell a sink or faucet set? Can always use more silicon baking mats to make more science cookies for the upcoming school year. :)
    My e-mail is and I have been following your blog for awhile and on facebook too.
    Thanks! :)

  38. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
    I would get some good baking pans and/or an ice cream maker.

    I follow you through Google Reader and Facebook.


  39. flirty aprons! plus a mandoline and/or a le creuset french oven.

    jnmac102 at yahoo dot com
    and I like you on Facebook (but under a different email addy)


    Happy Birthday to you!

    If I win I need EVERYTHING... I recently moved into my first apartment and I have pretty much nothing now to cook or bake with.

    I follow you on your facebook and blog.

  41. First and foremost, happy birthday! It is my birthday today as well, so I hope you're enjoying it. I'll be having a lemon buttercream cake with raspberry preserves, and I can't wait!

    As far as what I'd love for my kitchen, I just graduated college and am moving into my first apartment, and so I don't even know where to start. I'm still lacking a lot of the basics and could use a pie pan and omelette sized pan, but I suppose I should start off with some bowls and measuring cups, knives and cutting board etc. as well!

    My email is:

    Thanks and happy birthday again!

  42. Happy Birthday!! Love the Easy Bake Oven - very funny! :)

    Man, hard to pick (again!), since they have such awesome stuff... I am tempted by some of the pie plates I see... but would probably go with a dutch oven. Or food processor. Ooh. Or maybe a kitchen scale! So hard to choose...

    And I follow you here and on facebook already - gotta keep up! :)

    I hope you enjoy your birthday and your princess cake!

  43. Happy Birthday!

    I would like whatever the best knife $150 could buy.

    And, I follow your blog and follow on Facebook.

    curtis dot isaak at byu dot edu

  44. Happy Birthday! I also just joined the ranks of 30-somethings, sniff, sniff.
    After watching Alton Brown make some amazing fish tacos this week on an electric skillet, I'm convinced of my need for one. And perhaps a copper bowl to prevent a re-do of that horrid meringue incident of last month *shudder*
    I'm a follower (but not on FB)


  45. Happy birthday!!!! :-) Enjoy your cake!

  46. Ooh. A pastry mat would be first, for sure. I'd also love some fun popsicle molds, pretty napkins, and some mini pans. Fun!
    Happy bday to you!

  47. My email address is juruble 'at' gmail 'dot' com, and I think I'd buy an ice cream maker and a saucepan! :)

    I'm a follower AND a FB fan!

  48. I'd still get the meat cutting board I wanted last time. Who knew a traditional meat board would be so hard to find?
    I follow your blog on google reader, and I'm a fan on facebook too.
    jbsham at gmail dot com

    Oh, btw after your s'more chocolate bar post I was "forced" to purchase a bar mold and go out to Blommers chocolate factory in Chicago to buy a huge 10lb bar to make all sorts of yummy things with. I could no longer fight it. It's rough I know. :)

  49. Happy Birthday! Despite our name Cancers really are the best astrological sign!

    What would I get? I am about to move into my first home so I have great plans to stock my new big kitchen with lots of fun gadgets. I'd probably start with a proper mixer.

    I follow your blog and your Facebook page!

  50. Email: greencharkie at gmail dot com

    Plus, I'm a follower!

    I would get the same things as last time: an ice cream maker and a pasta maker. And I would be able to die a happy woman.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Now go rock the lightbulb oven, okay?

  51. Oh! One, happy birthday!!! And two, thank you for the giveaway! I'm moving to Seattle in ONE WEEK and I need some new stuff for my new place.

    My email is kkmart[at]umich[dot]edu

    I follow you on facebook AND your blog!

    And what I'd love you get from CSN... an ice cream maker! But my more reasonable self would get new saucepans or a nice knife.

  52. Hahaha!! Happy Birthday and enjoy your cake!!

    I think its hilarious you finally got your Easy Bake Oven!! Maybe when I'm twenty I will finally get a pony.

    If I was to buy from CSN I would definitely get a new bakeware set, some beautiful pie pans to stare at (and of course use), and an icecream maker!

    I've been following you on your blog and Facebook for while too :)


  53. A chef knife set! I just got married so that would be awesome! :)

    I follow on google reader, and fb.

    Happy birthday! :)

  54. I'm just being tempted into candy making by you! So I could dearly use a good copper bowl, a good heavy pan, a candy thermometer, and a chocolate mold to start!

  55. My email address is in my blogger profile - click my comment name, then the "email" link. :)

    We could really use some good knives. We're still going on the cheapo set from college!

    I follow you on google reader and on facebook!

  56. How very awesome! I *really* want a good copper bowl - it's time to take those macarons to a whole new level!

  57. Yay! I didn't have time to enter last time.

    The needs that come to mind are a rolling pin, good baking sheets, new frying pans and a better icing set.

    Of course my want is a KitchenAid mixer, but the other things are higher priority at the moment.

    I follow on google, twitter and facebook. Perhaps that's overboard, but oh well ;) My email is alainarkraus at gmail . com

  58. Happy Happy Birthday to yoU! I am in need of new bread pans - I bake four loaves once and sometimes twice a week - I usually give a couple of loaves away to new families in my neighborhood, or ladies who have just had babies.;. my pans are looking beat up!
    My email is in my blogger profile as well! Thanks!

  59. Happy happy birthday! I hope the princess cake is delicious.

    I follow you on google reader and on fb (love all of your posts). I could definitely use this gift certificate as I'm in desperate need of a new chef's knife.

    andrea dot weinstein @ gmail dot com


  60. sign me up for a giveaway! i really really REALLY need new baking sheets, and after your recent post about chocolate chocolate i decided home made chocolate bars will be a part of my christmas gift to family and friends, so i need some chocolate molds. i imagine 150 will buy more than that, so ill have to let my imagination fly with the rest of it... perhaps ill spend it for something wonderfully useless, we'll see!
    annaps002 @ gmail. com

  61. Yay another give away! I would definitely get a kitchen scale, yes I'm one of those that haven't bought one yet. I'd use the rest to put towards a kitchenaid stand mixer. I've been saving up for one, and the rest of the money would definitely make the purchase a little less painful on my budget!

    (I just followed you on FB, and already subscribe to your RSS feed).

    kjthiel @

  62. Happy Birthday!

    I would get a large sauce pan that can go in the oven and on the stove -- on of the ones that's completely lined with copper and actually has even heat! I have a small Calphalon one that I love, but I often have to work in batches if I want to make anything that will yield some leftovers!

    I follow you on Facebook and Google. :)

  63. Happy birthday! Your cake sounds delicious.

    If I received the certificate, I'd get at least an electric hand mixer. Last Christmas, I burned out my old one with some particularly thick cookie dough, and I've missed it ever since.

    My e-mail address is: pbrooks19 at gmail dot com.


  64. I need a dutch oven! Or a new sauté pan. Tough call.

    Happy birthday.

    morgan dot bird at gmail dot com
    Also following your blog now.

  65. I would put the prize toward a Le Creuset French oven. :) Thanks for the contest. Happy birthday!!


    hansbrough at yahoo dot com

  66. Also just liked you on facebook.

    morgan dot bird at gmail dot com

  67. Happy Birthday! I love to bake so I would love the...Gingerbread House Mold , Fairytale Cottage Bundt Cake Pan, Bavarois Non-Stick Silicone Mold
    thanks for a chance to win!
    altered-art (at) hotmail (dot) com

  68. I have got my eye on a pizza stone! I added you on facebook, and am now a follower:o)

  69. Hmm...In the market for a kitchen scale, and potentially (still) a le crueset...

    sweetchick0783 [at] gmail [dot] com

  70. Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a great one for you.

    I'm in the market for a food processor, so that's what I'd get.
    I follow you on Facebook.

  71. Oh - I forgot, I'm also a fan on Facebook!

  72. Happy Birthday!

    I REALLY need (ok, WANT) a stand mixer! It's so beautiful it has to be mine.
    Not to mention the baking and Au Gratin Dishes I've been wanting.

    I follow you here and on Facebook (Twitter doesn't count too?)

    lolaloop1 at gmail dot com

  73. I need a kitchen scale. Any recommendations for the best brand? They have some nice looking ones.

  74. Hello again, and happy birthday!

    The one thing I really need is a new knife set. My boyfriend and I recently moved, and as we no longer have roommates, we no longer have their fantastic knife set. My mom has offered me her old knife set, but I think that thing is older than I am, and the years have not been kind to it.

    I'm currently a student (studying molecular and cellular biology! bio <3!) and my boyfriend is on the job search, so we don't have much money to drop on a nice set. I follow you here and on facebook. Thanks!


    p.s. i love your science themed cookies! Once we unpack I may try my hand at some of them!

    p.p.s. since I'm not sure whether or not you can see my email through the profile, it's

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Happy Birthday! I hope your princess cake is delicious.
    If I were going big, I'd order a standing mixer.
    and I would have to tack on a batter bowl because all the batter bowls look so cute..

    burnt.rain [ at ] gmail [ dot ] com

    I removed my previous comment because I couldn't get it to add me as a follower and my previous post said I had followed you. Sorry for all the confusion. My apologies.

  77. Howdy! So I could use a larger cuisinart. I put so much stuff in mine that it leaks down the center shaft - not fun.

    BTW,I already follow you so do I get counted twice?

    Happy Birthday!

  78. Happy B-day! be only 30!

    I would love a new stock pot to do yummy corn on the cob in. It would also be great for some soups this winter! Or maybe a kitchen scale...not as fun!

    I am not a follower and I am a fan on Facebook.


  79. Happy Birthday!

    I would buy one of two things...(1) half of a KitchenAid stand mixer or (2) a beautiful cast iron dutch oven. I'm about to move into a new apartment without roommates and am so excited to acquire kitchen things I actually care about!

    Email: carriekfuller at gmail dot com

    And, I'm now officially a follower! Enjoy your princess cake.

  80. Happy Birthday Sweetie. 30 years ago was one of the happiest - and one of the most uncomfortably painful - days of my life. How lucky am I to have such an amazing and talented daughter.

    I would also like to say that you can now quit whining about not ever getting an easy bake oven. Please remember to share the smallest cakes in the world with your siblings so that they are not jealous that I bought you one of those for you and not for them.

    Kisses, MH

  81. I've had an intense compulsion lately to learn more about candy making--ever since I saw you talk about those s'mores candy bars.... thus, I need molds and flavorings and a creme brulee torch thing and everything else to make fun chocolates. i love my friends. i like to show my love to them with desserts. fancy molded chocolate would be AWESOME.
    I follow you on facebook, and your blog.

    poeticajasmine at

  82. P.S. Please put a piece of princess cake in the freezer for me.

  83. Oooh, I really want a copper mixing bowl. My friend just got me a book on macarons, so between that and your tutorials, I feel like I have to step up my attempts.

    I follow you on facebook, and on google (nhazelton [at] gmail [dot] com, so wooo for extra entries!

  84. Happy birthday! I would definitely use the gift certificate to buy new non-stick pans!

  85. Also - I am a fan on facebook and I also follow your blog.

  86. Happy Birthday!!!

    Awesome giveaway! I'd die to have some no-slip baking mats. Hell, I'd kill just to get some teaspoon and cup measurements!!

    I already follow you on google, and I like you on facebook!!


  87. Happy 30th!

    Bowls. My kitchen eats bowls. Mixing bowls, serving bowls, soup bowls, even the little ones I serve sauces in, I've owned them all and had them broken/misplaced/stolen by ex-husband.

    sklocke (at) gmail (dot) com

  88. How awesome! I would use the gift certificate toward a Mauviel Large Copper Jam pan as jam making has become my latest obsession. I'm a blog follower and facebook fan!
    suzanne [dot] burgett [at] att [dot] net

  89. Wow- how sweet. Your birthday gift is a gift to us, too? Thanks! I would buy a set of dishes, microwave and dishwasher safe. Ours are my grandmothers and when we use them in the microwave, they crack. Other than that, I would want a salad spinner, more mixing bowls, more silverware, and all the other tools I use all the time. I liked you on facebook and I just signed up to follow you, too!

    MeganSchifer_05 at

  90. Happy Birthday, Mrs Humble!

    I would spread the joy - if I won the certificate. For the family - the ice cream maker - and for me - baking stuff.

    My email:

    Fingers crossed the spammers ignore it.

  91. This comment has been removed by the author.

  92. I'm wanting a Blendtec, envisioning healthy fruit smoothies, tofu chocolate mousse, and blended watermelon. In reality? Boozy ice cream drinks!

    imergotm @ gmail dot com

  93. I would totally get a dutch oven. I've been wanting one of those for a while. Those aprons are really cute too! I hit the follow button too so that's two entries! Thanks.
    bluealue (at) gmail (dot) com.

  94. Happy birthday! Hope your cake is wonderful!

    I would buy a new ice cream maker and a spice grinder with the gift certificate, then improve my small kitchen gadget collection if there was anything left. Who couldn't use a few more kitchen gadgets?

    The e mail: thedragonflywoman gmail come.

  95. I would get an ice cream maker and try making Hokey-pokey. Also, I would get a stand mixer of some sort so that I could make divinity by myself. Usually divinity requires a two person team because one person holds the mixer and one holds the molten sugar. I follow you on twitter and facebook. My twitter account is (Amy Carlie). My facebook account is

  96. i would buy a le creuset dutch oven. ive been drooling over one.

  97. im a follower...

    sorry forgot my email in last comment: gengavino24 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  98. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Today is my significant other's birthday as well! (He's 2 years old than you)

    In my kitchen, I could really use all the needs for decorating baked goods! I used to be a cake decorator at a grocery store and would love to do my own creations...but just don't have the means! :(

  99. WOW! That means that you were born on the day my husband and I got married! How cool!

  100. (I follow on FB *and* on Twitter, but when I clicked "Follow" here, it kept giving me the "We're sorry... We were unable to handle your request. Please try again or return a bit later" error each time. So that's two-and-a-half entries, I guess o.O)

    I'm turning 30 this month, too - this coming Thursday, in fact :) My wonderful and amazing boyfriend - who does most of our cooking these days - already has a pretty extensive menu planned for my birthday party Saturday night.

    He's been experimenting a lot lately with brines and marinades, so we've been having a lot of yummy roasts. That being said, he's been admiring roasters and dutch ovens at one of the local stores. It's one item that's currently lacking in our kitchen that we need.

    Sadly, we don't have much free cash these days, after not only having to spend $5K to fix our furnace and water heater in the spring (we spent all winter living elsewhere!), but also because we had to replace our lawn mower last week, which was stolen out of our backyard along with his grill!

    All of this led to a scaling back of what we'd originally planned for my birthday, but we're celebrating with what (and who!) we have right now. Having $150 for a practical item from a high-end kitchen store would be a big help for both of us to keep saving money by eating at home as often as possible.

    Well, and as a nice 30th birthday gift for me ;)

    (julylorelei at gmail, Twitter, and FB)

  101. I really need a new car seat now that my baby isn't an infant any more. Uggh, the one I want just went up in price by $100!!! WTH??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  102. OMG need, need, need a food processor and kitchen scale! Pie crusts are my nemesis!

  103. I would probably get baking pans and accessories to replace the beat-up ones I have.

    I follow you on Bloglines, does that count?

    Also, happy birthday - it's my older son's birthday today, and he's no longer a teenager!

  104. I forgot my email is

  105. misscolettesy[at]gmail[dot]com
    I would by a copper pot to make some macaroons!~~!

  106. I would be elated to win this giveaway! As a new college freshman on a very tight budget, I would buy a coffee maker, tupperware containers, as well as a pot to make my very favorite homemade popcorn. I follow this blog religiously, and also 'like'd the page on facebook! I don't think this post will show my name, but if you need it to verify that I did like the page, let me know. My e-mail with this account is

  107. mcshumaker at gmail dot com

    I would love to pick up a dutch oven, the Star of David Bundt pan, or a new pair of kitchen shears.

  108. OMG Happy Birthday! We are both Cancerians: it is the most glamorous sign in the zodiac. Many Happy Returns!

  109. Oh my goodness a Princess Cake! I'll be attempting one in August come hell or high water, so some supplies to help me with fondant would be much appreciated. That, and a bigger kitchen. Ha.

    I love the ceramic cake stand as well---perfect for the girl who loves to bake, that's for sure!

    bwall at mit dot edu

  110. Happy Birthday! There's a lot of good stuff on that site... I'd probably put the $150 towards a stand mixer or food processor (don't have either) and/or a fondue set. Mmmm cheese and bread.

    I follow you here and on Facebook (now anyway, could have sworn I did before though).

  111. Happy birthday! I got an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas last year. Mom thought it was sooooooooooooo funny ;)

    I hope there are stories about the sous vide to come!

    I am still in the market for all sorts of kitchen stuff for my apartment. I was lucky enough to find a beautiful dinner set for four at Home Goods the other day, but now I need silverware....

  112. I would love to get the Flirty Women's Apron in Sassy Black that they have - it's lovely (and sassy :)

    I'm a follower on GFC (asmithonline)
    I'm a fan on facebook (Abby Smith)
    asmithonline at yahoo dot ca

  113. Happy birthday--call it TRIPLE X instead of 30!

    I would love, love, love a digital candy thermometer.

    And I follow you!

  114. I am moving to a new apartment with my boyfriend who would love to learn how to cook so it would go towards gadgets to make his life easier!!!

  115. I would put it towards a KitchenAid mixer. Would love one of those!

    (Oh, and I'm a follower!)

  116. Hmm... I'd want a shun knife set. Or an ice cream maker. Oh! or I'd want a ceramic cast iron dutch oven. One of those.

    hiya 1213 at yahoo dot com

  117. Happy Birthday!

    I feel like I need a million things...a food processor...good whisks...tart pan...better ccookie sheets...i could go on for forever.

  118. I forgot to put my email...and I follow your blog.

    magi4509 at gmail dot com

  119. oh, I need new dishes Like You Would Not Believe!! :) I would put this towards a really nice new set... :)

    I follow your awesome blog already :)

    I also follow you on Facebook.


    spabetty at msn dot com !

  120. I follow your blog and I really want an espresso machine! (For my husband :)


  121. Happy Birthday!

    As for the contest, I would still love to have a baker's rack and there are so many other gadgets I could use in my kitchen.

    I follow your blog and like you on Facebook.

    jennifergillroy at yahoo dot co dot uk

  122. i think i would look at espresso machines. a girl can dream right?

  123. So, you're my hero. I didn't realize that following you through google reader doesn't automatically make me one of your followers. Sweet! Because I want more entries. Which means I'm following you on Facebook now too. Bam! Three entries for me! I NEED the Le Creuset 2qt Round Dutch Oven in Cobalt. Cast Iron, wrapped in naturally non stick enamel?! Yes please!

    jennifer dot ramil at gmail dot com.

  124. This comment has been removed by the author.

  125. Happy Birthday Ms. H! And as one who is much closer to death than you (i.e. older with teens), I can tell you it just gets better over the next 10 years!

    I'd love to have a nice 10 inch non stick pan.

    I am a FB follower, a follower here and you can e-mail me at westenhoff at gmail dot com

    and I'm here EVERY day, usually commenting EVERY day...loyalty should count for something, right?

    Now enjoy that EZ Bake...although I did hear they were recalled recently?

  126. I would like to buy my husband a potrack for our kitchen! he is the cook at our house. I follow you on Facebook and on your blog... love it!

  127. i need some new baking pans for sure! my email is and i follow you and like you on facebook!

  128. A smoothie maker. I bought a cheap one this summer but I'm using it so much I have a feeling that it'll die before the summer is over.

    I follow you on google and face book.

  129. we shared the same birthdate, happy birthday girl :P

  130. Happy birthday!

    I am crazysarah at gmail dot com, and I follow your blog and facebook.

    I want some nice kitchen knives, a blender (I recently killed mine) and some pretty mixing bowls.

  131. happy birthday, ms. humble. i hope your 30's will be great!

    oh boy, where to start!! so much good stuff. i'd love a mandoline and a really nice hand mixer (already have a kitchen aide).

    zanatic1 at yahoo dot com

  132. I follow the blog and I like you. On facebook as well as here.
    jewelaroni at gmail dot com.

    I think that mostly I need storage. I have four cabinets that are SO TALL that the top three of five shelves are unreachable unless I'm standing on the counter (and on my tip toes for the highest one). And new knives. And maybe some new baking sheets... my kitchen is pretty beat, to be honest.

  133. Happy birthday! And thanks so much for the giveaway. I first found you through the first science cookies link and have been reading your blog ever since. I tried the creme filled brain cupcakes, and they were much less attractive than yours.

    Anyway, I would get a Dutch oven, some ramekins, a meat tenderizer, and a pretty pie dish. :)

    scholarly24 at yahoo dot com

  134. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MS HUMBLE! Congratulations :)

    For someone that spends as much time in the kitchen as me (admittedly, not as much time as you do in yours, but not that far off) I would have to say, I have sinfully blunt knives. I'd upgrade with a few great sharp ones, preferably in a block!

    If only a dishwasher was less than $150, and was able to be posted in a small international box....

    Or perhaps I'd get one of these...

    And crikey, I'd be more than willing to cover postage costs all the way out here to Australia!

    I have you on my facebook, and I follow you here - not only that but you *are* my homepage, so I can see as soon I turn on my computer whether you've posted whilst I've been sleeping (time difference!).

    Love your work, Ms Humble!

    katiejanepepper at

  135. Happy to YOU! Hope it was a wonderful birthday. I really need some new cake pans, an angel food cake pan and a couple of spring form pans, maybe a new tart pan and .....Oh well, you get the idea - i need new everything! Again Happy, Happy Birthday! Thanks for the chance to enter and have a great week.

    email -

  136. Happy Birthday!! :)
    I would very much like the $150 to go towards a mini refrigerator for my dorm room this fall...I know, not exactly wow-worthy, but I'm trying to be frugal for once (and i dont think i can fit anything like a bread machine in my dorm haha).
    I do in fact follow you on facebook and twitter :)
    my email -
    <3 Allison

  137. happy birthday! i'd get a le creuset dutch oven with the $150! OR get 1/2 way to a kitchen aid mixer!

  138. Happy birthday!!! Hope you're have a wonderful day!!! Since it's summer, and the kids are out of school, mind you, they survived 2 weeks of baking and cooking camp. I like to get them an ice cream maker to surprise them with special frozen treats!

    We follow you on fb and have a link on our homepage...

  139. I follow you on bloglovin' does that count?

  140. Also, I would love to buy a mixer! The Kitchenaid Artisan is my dream come true...*sigh*.

  141. Happy Birthday! I would buy some Le Creuset Cookware - I want some soooooooo bad!

  142. Thanks for the giveaway! Where do I even start.. I need silpat mats, souffle cups, cake rings, etc for my baking adventures ;)

  143. Hope that you're having a wonderful birthday!
    My dad started to make his own wine a few years ago. He keeps it in make-shift racks in the basement. I'd love to get him a nice wine refigerator so he can store it properly!

  144. I follow AND I am a facebook fan! :)

    Lately I have been wanting a food processor & a food dehydrator!


    Happy Happy Birthday!

  145. A giveaway on your're such a giver!

    I would love love love to get my fabulous boyfriend a fancy schmancy digital kitchen scale. He's been itching for one for a while, and just wont go out and plunk down the bucks for it. So I'd get that. And probably a nice cake decorating tip set. I need to upgrade mine.

    I follow your blog via google (galadilight at gmail dot com), and I'm a fan on Facebook too (gladi_light at hotmail dot com) (I know, two different addresses...I like to make things complicated for myself).

    Thanks Ms. Humble! And Happy Birthday!!!! It's all downhill from here [and by that I mean it gets much easier :D ]

  146. Happy birthday, Ms. Humble! I follow you, and I'm a big fan on Facebook too! I am looking for many things for my new kitchen when I move, but I think I would like a Le Creuset Dutch oven most of all! Think of all the nifty things I could make in it! My email address is kabarry1 at (pm me for my Facebook address if you need to verify!).

  147. I would really like to get some piping tips, a candy thermometer & a silpat mat so that I can make macarons!!!

  148. Happy birthday, Ms. Humble! There are so many kitchen tools that I need but what I would love to get the most is an ice cream maker to beat the summer heat!

  149. Happy Birthday! Aren't you supposed to get gifts instead of give them? I would still love to buy a copper bowl. And maybe something for my daughter. I follow the blog and follow you on Facebook. hollyhunterellis at gmail.

  150. Happy Birthday to you!

    I am on the market for an excellent slow cooker and now that you mention it, a good copper bowl. There is a lot of pulled pork and ice cream to tackle this summer.

  151. I think I'll top up the balance to get my wife a Kitchenaid stand mixer.

  152. This comment has been removed by the author.

  153. Happy Birthday!

    I'd have to go with a new set of pots and pans. As I said the last time this give away went around, my pots and pans are parental hand-me-downs from the seventies and smell of burning plastic when I use them--but such is the life of a college student. Specifically, I 'd love something like this: but would more likely end up getting something like this:

    I follow on facebook and also via my blog (though not through the username I'm commenting on).

    Once again, happy birthday!



    If I had 150... I'd definitely put it towards a stand mixer, that or new knives, one or the other. Both are great options.

  155. Happy birthday!

    The first things I'd go for would be a good multi-purpose thermometer - one that could be used for candy and has both celcius and fahrenheit. Next would be a mortar and pestle, because I'm trying to explore herbs and spices and such. I'd fill the rest with nice cake tins and muffin pans and other fun things :)

    My email is at gmail, lizbeth.alpert, and I now follow your blog.

  156. 생일축하합니다! Ms. Humble!

    Oooo, it's so hard to choose! I could settle for Le Creuset silicone spatulas, in red.

    your facebook & blog follower;

  157. What a great giveaway! I would put the money toward a Blendtec, because I have been lusting after a good blender for years and my sad cheap-o one is almost dead.

    liz_byrd at hotmail . com

  158. Aaah, forgot to mention that I follow you on my google reader. Same info as above...

  159. Happy Birthday! Gorgeous Princess Cake!

    I would LOVE a new rolling pin, a marble slab and a mortar/pestle (I like making my pesto that way, as long as I'm making a tiny batch)

    I follow you everywhere but Twitter, as I don't have the nerves of steel required for the tweets.

    But everywhere else (FB/here/RSS) I am AWN it.

    And I want the pony, too - in dark chocolate, please. you can email the pony to: anita (at) bearboring (dot) com

    xoxo and again, Happy Birthday!

  160. Happy Birthday, Ms Humble! Hope you have fun on this day. Will you please show us the inside of the cake?

    I follow your blog via Google Reader. And what I really need is a good set of hermetic containers to pack lunch for my partner and for me a cake stand and a cake serving knife (dreamingly).

    Kate, Sydney, AU

  161. everett.blake at gmail dot com

    I would buy a nice set of knives. I also follow the blog.

  162. A set of knives, one that has a Chef's Knife, preferably a complete steel one.

    I subscribe to your RSS & "like" you on Facebook.

  163. A set of knives, one that has a Chef's Knife, preferably a complete steel one.

    I subscribe to your RSS & "like" you on Facebook.


    (forgot the email in the previous one)

  164. I hope you've had a great birthday!

    Well, I don't need, but.. i feel like I do need an ice cream maker because I was just given david leibovitz's book the perfect scoop and I do not have an ice cream maker! I have seen you post his recipes and i'm sure you understand how serious of a dilemma this is

    I'm following you on facebook and follow your blog!

  165. Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! Here is to the next 30+ years of memories
    and blog happiness.

    Been saving my money for a Blendtec Blender- it is a bit out of my price range!! Would love to celebrate my 29 1/2th birthday to cover part of it.

  166. Following RSS through Bloglines & "Like" on FB too!!

  167. Happy birthday! If I had a gift certificate for $150, I would probably get a new coffee maker, a dutch oven, or both. :) I follow your blog now and I 'like' you on Facebook. Jills0182 at

  168. I like you on FB and I follow you here! email:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful blog--it's the perfect release for a time-pressed nursing student with a (decidedly squished, unfortunately under-expressed) passion for baking.

    I've been shamelessly lusting after a grain mill of some sort--OMG do I want a grain mill. Any culinary monies I get from anywhere are slated to go to that.

  169. Happy Birthday! That sous vide machine looks like so much fun!

    I'm longing for a dutch oven!

  170. There are so many little things I need to fill out my kitchen like more baking sheets and a zester. Lately I have really been feeling that I am in need of a food processor and panini press. It would be fun and challenging to decide how to spend that giftcard.

    Thanks for such a great blog!

  171. Happy B-day :)

    I've been in dire need of a good apron since I wear as much food as I bake! Only I've prioritized ingredients and simple bakeware over a cute/outfit saving apron.

    Oh boy, I'm getting overwhelmed looking at this site! Hmm... Okay, that's right: I really need knew mixing bowls. The ones I had were okay, but got ruined by crummy roommates. Ah, and if there's enough left, a good mortar and pestle.

    I know none of that sounds exciting, but I'm an (almost out of) college kid working around my mother's kitchen, which is very small and filled with her cooking stuff. All of my baking materials are stored in a bin and rolling drawers that rest under the table in the den :/

    Fingers crossed! Thanks! (I've been following you on here for a while now! :)

  172. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I would love a ice cream maker and a candy thermometer!

    Rachel.beasley AT

  173. Happy Birthday!

    I've been following your blog for a while now, but this is my first comment :-) I'm moving into my very own apartment soon, so there are oh so many things I could use. But I really want a copper bowl, because they're just so handy for whipping egg whites (and they're pretty too)!
    I follow the blog and "like" you on Facebook -- thanks for such a wonderful blog!

    cdenefrio at gmail dot com

  174. I've been wanting the Nutrimill grain mill - this would go part of the way to buy that.
    I'm following you on FB (and google reader).

    desertflume at gmail dot com

  175. Happy birthday! I follow your blog and on FB. It's so hot right now that all I want is an ice cream maker.

    pteraphyle at yahoo

  176. I would love to put the money towards a good stand mixer-- all my vigorously fork-mixed frostings always separate : (

    I'm a proud facebook follower!

    hgroff AT berkeley DOT edu

  177. Brand spankin' new college grad (in bio, too!). I'd like to start real life with a kitchen scale, mortar & pestle, mandolin, and juicer. Any of those would be lovely.

    Following your posts on blogger and on the face book.
    alicenash AT gmail DOT com

  178. I follow the blog and Facebook because I am getting married and fear that no one will get us anything, so once Thursday passes I will know exactly what I need!

    ashleyjanecurtis at gmail dot com

  179. Happy Birthday Ms Humble!

    I would totally get some bakeware. I can't afford good quality stuff here!

    my email address is jams dot n dot tones at gmail dot com. I follow your blog and your facebook page :)

    Thanks a bunch for being awesome :)


  180. Happy Birthday Miss Humble!
    On your birthday shouldn't someone else do those errands for you?

    What would I get with a gift certificate? Well, I cook for my dogs, cook for my friends, cook for their friends, cook for fun and cook for myself. Probably get a really nice lasagna/roaster pan. Everyone benefits from that. I do have a meaty lasagna recipe with fried proscuitto, pancetta and peperoni I wanna try...

    Hope the DMV wasn't too hideous!

    casadepero AT yahoo DOT com

  181. Happy Birthday! Thanks for the giveaway! I love those dry food dispensers, I would love to get some of those. Also some tart pans and some ramekins.

    I follow your blog and FaceBook page.

  182. 1) I want a Le Creuset 1.25-Quart Demi Teakettle in Cobalt, Paderno World Cuisine Egg Ring, and the Anolon Advanced Bronze 2 Qt. Covered Sauce Pan! +1
    2) I follow you on GSN (carolsue) +1
    3) I like you on Facebook (Carol Anderson Ezovski) +1
    Happy birthday and thanks for the giveaway!
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  183. Happy Birthday!

    With a gift certificate, I would buy some glasses - still need some of the basics.

  184. I love to bake and indulge in sweets, but I just can't bring myself to indulge in a $200+ Kitchenaid mixer. OH HOW I WANT ONE though! My goodness would that just make life SO much easier and I may ACTUALLY try making macarons then! (as opposed to buying the frozen ones from Trader Joes....and never allowing them to actually thaw before I snarf them down :-) )

    stefwolf7 at gmail dot com

    I follow you on google reader as well as Facebook. Thanks!

  185. I would love new cookie sheets and a pretty cookie jar to put them in. Or some really nice cast iron.

    I am a follower.

    annemvincent at gmail dot com

  186. I've been needing a copper bowl and a kitchen torch!
    Happy birthday and you have such a beautiful blog.

    I am a fellow follower and facebook fan!

  187. I would love a set of tin-lined, copper cannelé molds. I've dreamt of making them ever since having them at a shop on rue Cler in Paris.

    dcka at yahoo dot com

    also a facebook fan!

  188. I could use a many number of things as my baking gear consists of one hand mixer, a single cookie sheet, and a dinosaur cake pan that was used in 1989 for my kindergarten graduation!

    I follow you on here as well as facebook and my email is TheresaGreenwell AT gmail dot com

  189. I am in desperate need of a food processor. I have been married for 20 years and I am raising a family, which means looks of cooking. I am realizing I need a food processor to help me out. So, I would use the gift card on a 7 cup Cuisinart food processor.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to enter my name.

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a awesome day surrounded by those who love you!

    I follow via Google Friends Connect and via Facebook!

  190. Since I can't buy a bigger kitchen from the housewares store, I would love to finally invest in a really sturdy stand mixer.

    I have to laugh at the Easy Bake Oven - because I always wanted one of those when I was little! I should never had mentioned it to my husband, either, as he points at them and laughs deviously every time we spot one. Have fun with yours - at least they are good for a snicker.

    I also love that you are giving something away on your own birthday. Sweet of you.

  191. Oh, what I wouldn't do for a nice ice cream maker on these hot summer days!

  192. Email Brandy
    After your last post about making your own chocolate bars some chocolate molds sound awesome!! Also, I have always wanted a bunch of different size ramekins. I don't have any but I am always thinking of things I could use them for.

  193. 1. happy, happy, joyous birthday (a day late...i had tech issues yesterday)!!!
    2. a princess cake? never heard of it...i hope you will post recipe soon!
    3. i would love a global bread knife (so when i recreate your napoleons i will cut with perfection!!)
    4. thank you for including me in this fab addition to follower...i subscribe to google reader...
    5. mother h has a sense of humor!!!

  194. Happy birthday!

    With a gift certificate, I would love to buy a Kitchen Aid pasta attachment and a mandoline.

    My e-mail is, and I follow you both on your blog and on FB.


  195. i.g.f.mackay AT gmail DOT com

    New cutlery! I've followed you, and 'Liked' you on Facebook, for good measure.

    Thanks, and happy birthday :)

  196. Definately new bakeware. Cookie sheets, cake pans, tart pans, etc. Hard to find variety around here!!


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