Monday, October 11, 2010

Hold the Butter

Happy Monday, everyone!

I've been a bad blogger of late. Now even my father has admonished me for my lack of posts, teasing me that all my readers were going to abandon me (including himself) unless I produced some pretty food and soon.

I explained that my lack of posting wasn't without reason. I am in good health and I've been trying to work in some kitchen time and turn out some pretty treats to post... only circumstanses haven't exactly been conducive to blogging.

Allow me to explain:

1. Let's start with the fact that my laptop currently looks something like this:

This state is due to my flinging it from my luggage at last week's conference. If there was such a thing as laptop discus throwing, I would have earned myself a gold medal. I had truly excellent distance and form.

Thankfully, my replacement is on the way.

2. I've had an unusually busy month. I have been traveling and I am leaving town once again to do volunteer work this week.

3. I'm adjusting to my new status as pregnant baking blogger. My time in the kitchen has been made complicated as the sight of softened butter now brings about waves of nausea. (Of all the possible things, why does it have to be THAT!) Not exactly a blessing for a person who often finds herself elbow deep in quanties of butter that would shock even Paula Dean.

Even thinking about butter now, as I write this, is risky. Infact, reading cookbooks is now suddenly something I do at my own peril. Where I used to find inspiration, I now find photos of evil puff pastry onion tarts that leave me heaving.

Don't look directly at the onion tart!

 4. I have been baking, it is just that the results have ALL been lousy, unfortunate looking food. Stuff that doesn't belong anywhere on the blog. Maybe it has something to do with the fatigue of early pregnancy, or the accompanying absent-mindedness that has resulted in one good sized kitchen fire and four broken dishes (that's just this week). Or perhaps, it is just hard to lovingly and carefully craft desserts that the sight of which make you want to hurl.

So that is what's going on at the Humble household, Dad (and everyone else).

Hopefully my baking luck changes tonight and I can get at least one set of blog worthy baking photos to take with me on my trip, but as I've botched no less than THREE desserts today, things are not looking very promising. So if we have yet another week of absentee Ms. Humble, I hope you'll bear with me.

I did borrow an annoyingly tiny netbook for while I am on the road, so I will at the very least be getting caught up on the backlog of emails, questions and comments.

I will be home again by Saturday and that will put an end to all my traveling for a while and I can sort out things in the kitchen and get back into my blogging groove.

Patience, I do have something fun lined up for when I get back into the kitchen.

Ms. H

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