Monday, July 5, 2010

Philadelphia-Style Lemon Ice Cream

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and fourth of July (where applicable).

My weekend was great. Well, ignoring what happened to my car. Which died, suddenly and most patriotically, on the fourth of July.

Naturally this isn't a good thing. Particularly when you're the anxious OCD type like myself. Anything that throws a wrench into your normal routine threatens your sanity. My poor mother had to recruit me away from my car-less pacing and hand-wringing to help her with dinner. This is how the dessert for today's post came to be.

Mother Humble: Can you make me some lemon ice cream?

Me: *twitch* My car died! My universe is collapsing around me!

Mother Humble: *Ignores me*

Me: Okay… but an easy ice cream. No custards or curds.

Mother Humble: I'll zest the lemons…

So I made up this ice cream for Mother Humble's Prosecco apricot soup. It is very simple and requires no cooking. Just the absolute basics. Cream, Sugar, Lemon. It is light, creamy and refreshing. Not quite as dense or rich as a standard custard based ice cream, but the simplicity allows the bright flavor of fresh lemon to shine through.

A few of the things eaten on the 4th (in various stages of done-ness)
Mr. Humble's bread, steaks and stuffed squash blossoms (prior to grilling/frying),
wee-potato salad, marinated shrimp olive and parsley skewers, salmon cakes,
grilled vegetables, prosecco apricot soup with lemon ice cream, sauté morels

So, as soon as I finish typing this up I'm off to visit one of my local car dealerships. I need to consider some of my options. A new car is probably long over due, as my current one uses a coal fired engine. As I write this I'm getting all anxious thinking about it. I don't like car dealerships. I don't speak the language and I walk around with a dumb, frightened look.

I always go in assured of what I want, but my plan and my confidence evaporates the moment one of the staff members starts talking to me about cars.

This is how I expect today to go down:
Me: Hi, Can I see this model? I liked the standard features online and I …

Mr. Car Guy: Oh no, you need the next model up. Without the FV-75 IDO System, the brakes won't work at speeds exceeding 25mph and the steering column will occasionally burst into flames.

Me: Uh…I do like breaks. Wait, flames? Oh… I guess I need that?

Mr. Car Guy: Absolutely. You should also consider the sea mammal seating harness and restraint system.

Me: But I don't…

Mr. Car Guy: Do you want to kill a baby seal?!

Me: No! Of course not, but I don't know if I can afford…

Mr. Car Guy gives me look of horror and disgust

Me: *panic* How much is the harness?!

Mr. Car Guy: Alright. Well, it is part of our mammal safety add-on package…

Yup. That is exactly what is going to happen.

Philadelphia-Style Lemon Ice Cream
from Luscious Lemon Desserts
yields a scant one quart

2 cups heavy (whipping) cream
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup + two tablespoons fresh lemon juice (about 4 lemons)
1/4 cup finely grated lemon zest
pinch salt

Whisk all the ingredients together in a large bowl. Allow to stand for 20 minutes at room temperature, whisking every couple minutes to help dissolve the sugar. (The recipe now calls for it to be strained and you may do that. However, I love lemon zest and my microplane makes the finest, fluffiest zest so I wasn't too concerned about the affect it may have on the texture of my ice cream).

Chill this mixture for 3 hours until very cold.

Add the mixture to your ice cream maker and churn according to the manufacturer's instructions. Once finished, place into a lidded container and chill until firm.


  1. Oh yummy! Sounds so good on this hot summer day.

  2. That lemon ice cream looks seriously delicious.

    My husband bought a new Prius a couple of weeks ago, and loves it. It's bigger than his old one was, but gets about 15% better gas mileage. He got the entry-level package, nothing not standard. Even so, it has about a hundred airbags, keyless ignition, and the marine mammal harness is included.

    I'm seriously envious of your holiday dinner. We had leftover chicken soup. We were planning on eating at a street fair, but couldn't get parking within half a mile, so we went home.

  3. I think that the effect the zest would have is.... sheer deliciousness!!! :-)

  4. I love philly-style ice creams. I'm such a coward when it comes to making ice cream using eggs. I'm always afraid I'll scramble the eggs by accident. Your lemon ice cream sounds totally refreshing. It's hitting over 100 degrees here tomorrow. Might be the time to make some ice cream!

    (Too bad about your car!!)

  5. hey ms.h!
    refreshing lemon ice cream...
    about your squash you stuff them with cheese & bread crumbs?
    hope your car shopping won't be too stressful....

  6. How about that prosecco apricot soup to go with this lemon ice cream? This sounds like a dessert my husband will love, and that's fairly rare as he's not a dessert person. The only sweet things I've found for him so far are Bananas Foster, fudge (but only his grandmother's recipe), English toffee (especially as an ice cream topping), and lemon meringue and fruit pies.

  7. Linda & AnaMarie,

    I'll have to check with Mother Humble. She made the squash blossoms and the prosecco soup without much assistance from me.

    She boarded a plane back for London about an hour ago but she might be kind enough to post some of those recipes in the comments here.

    *hint hint*

    Please, Mr. Humble is demanding more squash blossoms.

  8. I totally want to know how to do the Squash Blossoms...especially since that about all I got from all my Squash plants!

  9. Sea mammal seating harness and restraint system? That made me laugh out loud. Oh, and the ice cream looks delicious.

  10. Oooooh YUM! It looks SO delicious -- it's ridiculously hot here and your pictures are so beautiful -- I wish I could reach in there and have a lick! Thanks for the recipe!

  11. Wow, this makes me want to get an ice cream maker, NOW!!

    It seems too easy and way too good to be true. I must have some!

  12. No, no, no, no! First, you whip up something fabulous as only YOU can do. Second, you carry it with you into the dealership. Third, (because it will have lots of chocolate that smears), you say, "give me a good deal on this car and not only can you have this fabulous chocolate dish, but I will keep Little Humble from sharing the chocolate with all of these shiny new cars and interiors while I browse!"

    SEIZE the power -- you have it within you to dominate through food!

  13. I just removed a spam comment and some Blogger glitch caused it to remove not just the spam post but all the comments posted before it. Sorry if your comment is missing! Not sure what happened...


    Yea I was having fun playing with the lighting on that shot (while the ice cream melted).


    Good idea! In fact, both the little Humble and I are covered in chocolate at this very moment... we could be quite the menace at the dealership.

  14. mmmm, I'd like to try this so much! I hope it's similar to Germany ice cream, which is much lighter than most American ice creams, but still creamy.

  15. What a fourth of July feast! Looks awesome. Can't wait to try this lemony ice cream - sounds so refreshing.

  16. I NEED to make this now that I got an ice cream maker :D

  17. Ms. Humble, it sounds like you suffer from what we amateurs call "dealerphobia", a nearly debilitating psychological condition that makes it nearly impossible for one to shop for a car in person. But don't despair! The internet is here to save you! The last two cars I bought I purchased online, and I am sooo happy I did. Maybe you could give it a try!

  18. Inspired... we made this... used both lemon and lime zest. Absolutely lovely...refreshing and light(despite the heavy cream LOL). Not sure if I should curse you or thank you for the recent ice cream maker purchase!

  19. Reporting in, as I made a variation on this recipe last night. I took about a cup of farmer's market blueberries and simmered them with a bit of water, sugar, and lemon juice, then chilled that and dumped it in for the last two or three stirs of the ice cream maker. It is absolutely divine!

    Thanks for another wonderful recipe!


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