Friday, January 8, 2010

What, No Food?!

No cooking related posts today. Apparently I still have a life outside of blogging. I ran errands and caught up with my brother-in-law and his wife over all-you-can-eat pancakes. I max out at two plates of pancakes and really need to work on my pancake scarfing skills. Does Kobayashi run a training camp for that? I want to learn how to get my $6.99 worth!

Anyway, then I got home and the Little Humble and I took a nap, which is what one needs to do after spending two and a half hours at an all-you-can-eat pancake house.

Naps and pancakes, that's a good day.

Speaking of good, I was the recipient of the Sugar Doll Blog Award this week via Fuzzykoala's Caketastic Adventures. Apparently with this award I am required to share ten things about myself and then pass the award along to ten other bloggers... who will then buy into my multilevel marketing scheme, sell my health supplements and make themselves rich recruiting friends and family. Or something like that.

Okay, so 10 things about Ms. Humble:

1. I am 29 going on 30 and everyone around me is gleefully counting down the days.

2. I break laptops just by looking at them, yet have the miraculous ability to revive any and all electronics I run through the washer or my daughter happens to throw in the tub/toilet.

3. Yes, my Blackberry phone has been in the toilet. Would you like to hold it?

4. My favorite things are to do are cooking, traveling and hiking.

5. I spent my honeymoon hiking all over the Swiss Alps with Mr Humble (who else) and we conquered several peaks. No, that wasn't an innuendo.

6. I took a trip around the world at the age of 24

7. By the age of 34 I will likely have paid that trip off

8. I've eaten bugs (intentionally) and liked them.

9. Yet I hate strawberries and watermelon. Weird, I know, for any self proclaimed foodie. I think I have a genetic defect that makes the smell of those fruits incredibly sticky-sweet and repulsive to me.

10. Lastly, I tend to amuse myself far more than I amuse anyone else.

My ten chain-letter style picks for this award? Let's see... let's see...

I'm going to go with the following folks because I love their blogs, their comments, or both:

1. Heidi Bakes

2.Bake Off Flunkie


4.Mr. P


6.Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl


8.Chef E


10.The Contradictory Cat


  1. Wow!!

    This is the first blog award I've ever had, thank you very much :D

    *poops pants trying to think of something good to write on blog*

    I also have a strange subliminal urge to eat fine fresh food in Kent on a school trip before heading to New Zealand.......I can't think why.

    Woo hoo!! xx

  2. What kind of bugs have you eaten? I've wanted to try them for awhile now, but I don't know what constitutes a "good" kind. Eek!

  3. Wow! F'real? That's awesome! Thank you!

    I also want to know what kind of bug you've eaten. I am curious about mealworms and crickets, though larger bugs like beetles might be a little much for me.

  4. Wow, your life sounds so very exciting and you haven't even turned 30 yet!!! You've lived a very full life already haven't you? I'm most intrigued about the time you spent in India. India is the place I want to visit more than anywhere else in the world. I'm fascinated with India and it's culture. Everyone who I share that with thinks I'm nuts. Their response is always something to do with the "poverty, slums..blah blah blah". They are totally missing the point. My idea of getting away does not involve laying on a beach somewhere. But anyway, I'm honored that you chose my blog to pass on this great award. Am I suppose to follow your example and list 10 things about me? My list would pale in comparison to yours.

    Your blog is great, your photos are NOT blurry and your recipes rock! Oh, and your stories always bring a smile to my face.

  5. Heidi.

    I've never been the toasting on the beach type either (mostly because I turn lobster red in under 5 minutes). I have traveled quite a bit, but outside of all that I like to keep things pretty mundane. I think the library is a hip hangout. I consider driving all over Seattle visiting different food markets a fun outing. I can annoy Mr. Humble, since my idea of a fun Saturday night is baking something, doing dishes and then going to bed at 9:30.

    Kat and Cat,

    As for the bug questions: I have munched some mealworms and crickets. Or at least I think the grub looking ones were mealworms... they were smaller and kinda pale. They were both fried and and spicy so one could hardly tell they were insects. The grubs could of passed as rice crispies.

    Think about that snap, crackle, pop now eh... Yum.

    Now, would I eat a fat juicy bug? Probably not and I would certainly NEVER eat a crane fly, I'm deathly afraid of those twitchy things.

  6. Crickets aren't bad covered in chocolate. But the mealworm I once ate was too squirty, and I definitely knew it was a bug when I bit down on it.

  7. Wha...?? Really?? I just found your blog, like, a month ago, and here I am, up in lights, so to speak.

    Gawrsh, thanks so much. (Can't wait to get started on that making-myself-rich part.)

    BTW, I've had a few savory watermelon dishes, like a salad with a balsamic dressing. Maybe that would help you conquer your last remaining revulsion? On the other hand, it does make you that much more interesting...

  8. Flartus, the blog is only a couple months old! That makes you a relative old-timer.

  9. Can I just say that I only just found out that I was nominated for this? Wow. And only 5 months late! Thanks Frau. H!


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