Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go Forth, My Minions!

Well, even if you're not one of my minions, brainwashed by weeks of sugar laden desserts, you should check out Mr. P's Lamington round-up!

It is awesome!

There are so many interesting lamingtons and flavors to be seen! All that baking deserves some serious respect, because honestly, few baking projects are messier than lamingtons. They result in cake crumbs, glaze splatters and coconut everywhere! Of course, you end up coated with the stuff too. After an hour of glazing and coating lamingtons I looked like I had some sort of exotic coconut skin disease.

After 5 days of making lamingtons... well, let's not discuss what happened.

So head over, check out the lamingtons, give Mr. P some love for hosting this contest and of course VOTE

You don't have to vote for me...

Unless of course, you're susceptible to the subliminal message I've hidden here:


  1. Of course I voted for you. It was a tough choice but I went with "bloody, poofy, woolly chocolate ...." what can I say it just sort of leaped off the page at me.

    Pray to Ceiling Cat that Science Blogs doesn't get wind of this as I would hate to see you lose to "other - PZ Myers."

  2. Weeeeeeeeeew!!!

    With 4 entries it's bloody hard to choose, you, you, you

    I managed in the end

  3. I voted! I liked the White Chocolate Raspberry one the best...I mean, just LOOK at the way that filling oozes out, its so's like foreplay on a plate.

  4. Hahaha, lol at "exotic coconut skin disease"! This even sounds tasty, hmm. Anyways, going to take a look now at all the entries and vote :)

  5. Hush, =^skeptic cat^=, don't say the name. It might be googled.


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