Friday, March 19, 2010

Science Cookie Roundup #3

It's time for this month's Science Cookie Roundup!

I realize now that it has been a while since I've done my own set of science cookies, but don't fret dear reader! I have a large set of science cookies in the works. Joanne of and I will be working together on a little edible and educational nerdery. I'll keep you all updated when that comes together.

So, lets get to this month's contributions!

I got an email from Anthony, the president of a club that promotes science at the University of Maryland a few weeks back. He sent me an absolute wealth of goodies from their science themed bake sale.

Petri Dish, Atoms and Jupiter Cookies

Earth, Constellation and Jupiter Cookies

Atoms and Electrophoresis Gel Cookies

Einstein Cupcakes and Golden Ratio Brownies

Cookie Euglenas

More of the supremely clever Einstein Cupcakes

Isn't that an awesome spread!?

Next we have Karen and the cookies she made for National Med. Lab Week last year (in Canada). She sent in Neutrophils and Lymphocytes! This year Karen and her co-worker will be making more cell lines. Hopefully we will get to see some of those too! (*hint, hint*)

The next item is a Plant Cell Cake by sleeper713:
"This was a science project that I helped my son with in 8th grade. It's a plant cell complete with its innards ;) We used bubble tape and Nerds candy for the golgi bodies, Tic-Tacs, oval-shaped cookies, and gummi worms. This was a lot of fun! My son came up with the ideas for decorating it."

The next is part of a Flickr set by Kitsunetachi:
"Part of our Mad Science Cookies set.
vacuum tubes, test tube, atoms, periodic table elements, gears, and experimental cookies"

To view the full set: Check out

Dan's fiance of made these Electrophoresis Gel cookies for a Darwin Day party.

Madilyne made these for her brother-in-law, who just defended his PhD thesis on drosophila research!

Mmmmm yummy bugs!

I'll wrap up this month's roundup with Anna's frighteningly realistic Mice Cookies!

"I made these as a Secret Santa gift for my boss and they are a bit hit - my lab mates thought they were delicious and creative! Since we work with C57 BL/6 mice in our lab, this was appropriate."

Despite their looks, no actual mice were harmed in their creation. They were made with a chocolate covered cherry, a Hershey kiss face and little almond ears. Cute!


Oh and if you want to be included in next month's science cookie roundup, just email your pictures to notsohumblepieblog (at) gmail dot com and you'll see them in the next roundup.

(Also, if I missed your submission this month, give me a quick comment/reminder and I'll fix that.)


  1. Your cookies and cupcakes are delightful! I'm into food styling and my husband is a Scientist-wannabie, so your web site is perfect for us. You should enter the scienceblog pi contest next year - I'd love to see your pi pie; here are this year's entries (mine is the 100-digit berry pie):

  2. I was wondering what those Neutrophils were... I see a band!

  3. Twelve little Einsteins all in a box... a cloning experiment gone horribly wrong? I love it.

  4. I love the Drosophila! Cute/creepy :D We need some Xenopus representatives . . . maybe I'll get on that!

  5. How fun! Now I want to make science cookies again...

  6. These are so cool! I should make cookies based on my field of study one day.

  7. I too misidentified the neutrophils. I actually thought they were: get this, mouse uteri! Too many dissections for me lately!

    I am inspired though.. Maybe there will actually be mouse uterus cookies in my future!

  8. Yay for being contacted by the president of a club that promotes science at the University of Maryland! I can totally see you giving lectures on science cookies baking and decoration in teh nearest future, they should hire you, seriously ;-)

    I really loved Einstein cupcakes, what a cute idea! Another cuties I'd liek to bite into are those green delights - cookie euglenas! And The mice are just way too adorable! And fairly easy to make too - what a smart idea with cherry tails, Hershey kisses as faces with noses, and almond ears!

  9. I love the neurtophil cookies! I may have to make some parasite and bacteria cookies to give them a challenge.

  10. Hi Ms. Humble,
    Saw this post, and instantly thought of you!
    Just thinking of all the amazingly creative cookies you'll be able to create!
    All the best from Bahrain,

  11. I need to get in on this. I'm gonna think it out!

  12. Such awesomeness! Been too busy to take part yet, and dangit, was thinking of lymphocytes too...hmmm...back to the drawing board.

  13. yummy cookies, especially the ones that have some chocolate on it, I always add some chocolate and Sildenafil to my cookies and they are delicious according to my friends!


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