Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jour du Macaron (Macaron Day)

Happy Macaron Day everyone!

This year macaron day falls on a Saturday, which is unfortunate since I'm not in the habit of blogging on weekends. However, I couldn't just let it pass unmarked so here I am, prying myself away from my usual weekend chores (WOO!) and yes, I have macarons.

Though, I didn't bake these macarons. I bought them! No, not at a fancy bakery, at Trader Joe's. Yes, the quirky little grocery chain with ceder walls and Hawaiian shirt garbed crew. That Trader Joe's.

I was there today stocking up on my usual TJ's staples and lo and behold in the freezer case I notice a box of Trader Joe's macarons! Of course I was instantly curious about mass produced macarons. It is my macaron fanatic duty to test any that I come across.

So after a long morning of errands I get home to a nicely defrosted box of macarons which I immediately tear into.

Awww, some of my macarons are smooshed. Oh well, they're delicate cookies and that they're not all mangled is probably a blessing.

So I dig in. Happy Macaron Day to me!

Naturally the first one gets sliced open with a sharp knife, I want to see the interior of this cookie.

Ah ha! Air pockets. I'm feeling better now. They're small pockets though and the shell does contain a nice fluffy interior.

So I try the chocolate. It's not too bad, the texture is better than expected for a frozen/defrosted macaron. The shell is fairly crisp and the interior is nice, though a tad chewy. Forgivable since these are chocolate macs, the addition of cocoa does change things a bit.

The flavor is nice and I like that it isn't too sweet.

Next I try the Vanilla.

These are quite nice. I'm pleasantly surprised by the light and delicate texture. Not bad for a mass produced frozen macaron. The taste is sweeter and a bit reminiscent of vanilla filled wafer cookies. Not a bad association because I love wafer cookies, though that particular flavor is a little unexpected.

Overall I like the light and custardy taste of the vanilla, a bit more so than the chocolate. (Though I certainly wouldn't kick the chocolate out of bed.)

Verdict: I'm not going to go all food snob on these macs, I actually liked them. They were far better than expected (Though I admit to having pretty low expectations going in). Would I buy them again? Probably not, after all I can easily make them fresh from my own oven and frequently do.

However if I lost both my hands in a freak llama attack and I was doomed never to bake again, then yes I'd probably make a point of picking these up.
Price: $4.99 for a dozen
(Rumor has it they are not available at all locations, so call ahead if you're planning on making a long trip.)


  1. Wow. They look pretty good, too. I don't like macarons (*gasp*), but I still think is a cool find. Now I really know that Trader Joe's has everything. I wish there were one (or a million) in Texas. I enjoyed reading your review. Thanks for sharing this information.

  2. Ah ha, so that's why you won't let Mr. Humble have a llama!

    Thanks for the tip about TJ's macarons. I'm unlikely to make them myself, but I have easy access to a TJ's.

  3. Happy Macaron Day!

    I never would have thought they were purchased from TJ's at first glance. They look really good, though, I have to say. I'll have to ask my parents to bring some over so I can taste-test it myself. I'm curious about the taste of a $4.99/dozen macarons.

  4. i loooooooooooooove trader joes they have the most unique items and for good quality too! glad you had a pretty good experience!

  5. I've never even heard about mass produced frozen macarons lol Those look good, and the price seems reasonable. And what a great review too, btw!!!

  6. I have to agree with you - the vanilla macarons were great (I thought) and the chocolate ones weren't. We wanted to try them because I've never had a macaron and before I go through the trouble and headache of making them wanted to make sure we would like them. On my list of things to get cracking on..

  7. I've never tried a macaron so this may be a good way to see if I like them before actually attempting to make them.

  8. So wish we had a TJs close by - we are in the middle of Michigan and there's nothing like a TJs. Cool find.

  9. to "amuse me", take a trip to Ann Arbor. We have a TJs here.

  10. I thought these were okay-I liked the chocolate ones better-Starbucks is also now selling packaged macarons. It is rather sinful as they are meant to be eaten fresh and not out of a box.

  11. I tried macaroons not too long ago and thought they were great! These look great.

  12. Have you ever thought about selling your macaroons on Etsy? If you don't live around a Trader Joe's or a specialty bake shop (even though I live in a city & have never seen them sold in real life here) then macaroons are nearly impossible to come by! I am also way too lazy to make them on my own so I would definitely be a patron!

  13. I hope Trader Joes sent you money and/or baking supplies 4 this ;)

  14. Just in case you have not seen these cute food earrings! and these ones just happen to be macaroons!!

  15. DeluxeGourmet,

    Nope, and I had to buy my own box! Probably a good thing too. If I was offered freebies just for eating macarons I'd be in trouble.


    Those are so cute!


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