Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Of Those Days...

I can fail right? Ms. Humble is allowed to do that?

Well nothing went right today, I had flop after flop.

First there was the blood orange tarts. The components came together perfectly, the bright and beautiful blood orange curd, the creamy grand marnier mascarpone mousse and perfect little shortbread tarts.

All tasty, ready to be layered together and garnished with a little twist of candied orange peal.

Sounds good so far, right?

Then I assembled them like I was blind folded and wearing boxing gloves. I think I would have produced more attractive tarts had I used a sling shot to propel the ingredients at the shells.

Total failure.

So then I moved on to my next project. Molten chocolate cakes with dulce de leche centers. I melted my butter... prepped my ramekins with butter and cocoa, made my batter, added my chilled caramel and baked.

Mid-way through the baking process I notice that my melted butter is still sitting there, cooling on the counter.

This is bad.

I left out a major ingredient of my cakes. Great! Remarkably, the molten cakes came out rather well, considering the total lack of butter, Still, I'm not going to parade my shame-cakes on the blog. I'll try those again tomorrow, with butter.

The forgotten dish of melted butter still needed a use, so I set it on the stove intent on making ghee.

Which I promptly burned.

That's when I threw in the towel. Mr. Humble is making dinner tonight because I cannot be trusted in the kitchen. I don't even think I can be trusted with the microwave.

I need to get my groove back.

Perhaps I am just tuckered out from a three day marathon of making dozens of these:

Well at least there is something pretty for me to post today.

I'm taking no prisoners in the kitchen tomorrow. No more of this sloppy execution nonsense!


  1. Awwww not to worry - we all have days like that. Those are the nights when my favourite Pizza delivery guy likes to visit our house with stacks of lovely hot Pizza.
    ~Sunday~ aka Lisa

  2. Everyone has off days, but I love reading your blog regardless. And those cookies are great. I don't have the patience to make so many and wrap them all!

  3. We all have these days. I had one in lab today. I screwed up adding things in my PCR tubes. What a fail.

  4. Yep, when one of those days sets in all we can do is back away slowly. Better, easier, days to come. I have an odd question: why did you make all those video controller cookies? Do you have a shop or are you just that sweet?

  5. gasp! she IS human! but I'm pretty sure all of your perfectly lovely projects more than outweigh one little day of bad luck :) and your blog is awesome anyways!

  6. Wow, you had quite a day. That can be depressing. But you need to put it in perspective.......it's only food. It's only food. Life could be a lot worse. You are so spectacular 99.9% of the time - so what is one silly day of failures. It's all good. Can't wait to see what you post tomorrow. I'm sure it's gonna be a good one!!

  7. On rare occasion, I take request for custom cookies. Not often, but sometimes.

  8. You make some pretty awesome looking stuff, so one day of cake fail won't lessen my opinion any. Just chalk it up to the microwave being in retrograde ;-)

  9. I specifically have posts on my food blog labeled "Fail" for days like this. http://food-ology.blogspot.com/search/label/fail And not that I enjoy the failure of others, but it's nice to know we're human. You should read my pizza fail entry: maybe it'll make you feel better :)

    BTW- you have a kid AND post amazing recipes/pictures on this blog every day AND bake constantly AND still manage to decorate dozens of cookies. You are not human and definitely the complete opposite of fail :)

  10. Holy Molly!! Your cookies are the best!! And you sometime stake requests? Oh can I please keep that in mind? :))

    Can't wait to see "beautiful blood orange curd, the creamy grand marnier mascarpone mousse and perfect little shortbread tarts". They will all turn out perfectly next time you get around to making them :)

  11. Just to make you feel better, I'll tell you about last week when I placed a tray of perfectly decorated hockey jersey cookies (for a customer) in my cold oven just to get them out of the way so they could dry, and then I decided I was going to make banana cupcakes and preheated the oven with the cookies still in there! Some days I just feel like a schmuck in the kitchen! You just gotta get back on that horse! Thanks for "keepin' it real!"

  12. I had a day like that yesterday too! (burnt tapioca, mis-sewn handle on bag, etc.) Everything I touched seemed to go all wonky. My hubby had to pick up food for us, I was done. I just sat down to spin and pondered the talk I had to give. (The talk was the one thing that went well!)

  13. I understand those days (I had about a week of them once when, no matter what I did, my sugar cookie dough was always too sticky to roll out). Except I would have threw in the towel after the first failure. You stuck with it like a champ.
    And I must say, those gamer cookies are adorable and going to make some "nerd" very very happy.

  14. My husband has gotten saddled with dinner duty a few times because of those kinds of days. : (

  15. I think it might be a case of the midweek blues. At least that's what I'm blaming all my failure on today.

  16. How about a little cheering up.

    I love your blog so much I recommended that all my foodie friends read it.

    I made a birthday cake last week with your raspberry Lamington frosting and my friends dove in it like it was a fresh pile of crack.

    Oh and that fried cheesy thing that was accompanied by the Danny DeVito story? LOVED IT. Delicioso.

  17. Wow! I love those cookies. Really cool.

  18. It's nice that you shared with us that you had an off day. Your blog is so awesome that we often forget you're human. It's nice to share that trait because I sure can't trait the 'decorate to perfection' one. Wow...

    And it takes a LOT of humility to admit failures publicly, so I'd say you're doing well on being a good mom too. Those are the lessons our kids need to learn early. How to say, "I screwed up" and how to learn from it and go on. Well done!

  19. Then there was the evening before Thanksgiving that I made a lemon angel food cake and in a fit of inexplicable absent-mindedness GREASED MY TUBE PAN. Of course I had a very delicious, 1.5-inch-high thing with a hole in the middle of it, and too late to go to the store for more eggs. SO I cut it up and made a trifle out of it. It was a little dense, like its maker, but hey, after a big meal and a few bottles of good wine, who cared?

  20. Hey, Heidi saying it's only food reminded me of a quote I read on a food/fashion blog recently: "I adore my Chanel handbag, but I doubt it will save me from a meteor shower."

    And I second the compliments about the saganaki - I made it with mozarella and served it with garlic bread and a tom/avo salad. Perfect, thank you. I'd never even heard of it before reading your site.

  21. Gosh those blood orange tarts sounds AMAZING, please re-do and post about them soon!!

  22. Those cookies are awesome and I will make sure NOT to show these to my little guys, because I can only imagine how tired you must be from making those. That's a lot of work, but they turned out beautiful!


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