Friday, February 12, 2010

Science Cookie Roundup #2

Time for my second science cookie roundup! Thank you to everyone who took the time to email me photos of their science theme baking! I love getting the links and photos, they are always such a treat (pun sorta intended)!

Since today's round up falls on Darwin Day, I'm going to kick things off with the following cake:

Evolved Chocolate Cake by Diana Glennie of Kitchen Fallout
"...Originally I was going to go with a traditional frosted cake with a design on it, but I couldn't think of anything more inspiring than a Darwin fish which, while its poignant, is pretty basic and boring. In my state of lack of imagination, I decided to ask my favourite sciency chef, Ms. Humble, for some ideas, to which she replied, "Off the top of my head I would do (the most amazing cake idea ever)." The result? The yummy, easy, chocolate cake you see below."

The BALB/c Mouse Cookies By LabMom of
The toughest job you'll ever love
(please note the albinism including pink eye and tail)

Yeast Two-Hybrid Screen Cookies by Bonne
"My first-ever batch of iced cookies. My friend has been doing a yeast two-hybrid screen, which is the subject of my cookies. The colonies are nonpareils, mostly white except for the few blue positive colonies"

Mitosis Cookies By Reflections of a Science Teacher
If only my high school science classes had been this delicious!

A Science Themed Cookie Collection from BakedFish

Amazing Earth Cookies made for GIS day!

Pepperkakor and Royal Icing Dinosaur Fossils

by GeekLady of Om Nom Nom...

Paleontology Cookies by Gnumoon's Stuff

Make Solar Cookies with your children from The Science Mouse

Engineering Cookies: Centrifugal Governor Cookies By Málaga
"My husband is an engineer, and my brother works in IT, therefore sometimes I bake "geek" cakes or cookies for them and their colleagues. He is a professor at the university in my city. This year, they have a new building for their college and to celebrate it and his birthday, I made Watt's Governor cookies. "

Going to wrap up this roundup with the fantastic 'Plague of Locust' Cookies
from Sproglet of I Have A Blog Now?
"I run student practicals every year in which we play with for me, locusts sprang immediately to mind....after the shenanigans of today I really do wish they hadn't..."

If you sent me cookies and I missed them in this roundup, or I told you I would list them this month and have not, don't panic. I really DO like your cookies, I'm just not very organized (or at least, not organized enough). So! If I missed you, just let me know and I'll fix that ASAP.


  1. Oo! So fun :) I'll have to make something fun for #3 :)

  2. wow I am so impressed by the creativity!

  3. I am now completely bummed that my dinosaur skeleton cookies were not original...

  4. geeklady,

    Maybe not the first, but they're still terrific! Hope you don't mind if I yoink them off your page and add them to the roundup.

  5. You have some really talented fans out there! So many impressive and creative cookies!

  6. :-) You've made my day.

  7. I LOVE the petri dish cookies by Bonne! The rack of white cookies looks just like my lab bench after waking up to some disappointing results...but without the horrible smell! This whole set makes me want to find a high school biology class to bake for.

  8. Thanks for sharing my cookies. Time to brainstorm something new!

  9. Those cakes and cookies are way cool. Why couldn't I have found your blog before my doc put me on a low-carb diet?

  10. The Earth Cookies! Wow! What a great idea! Loved all the dinosaurs too :)

  11. Some of those are incredible, I love the earth cookies! And that giant cell cookie.

    I want make MORE!! I'm going to take over my mothers kitchen once I can come up with a decent idea.......

    Thankee muchly for the showcase :o) x

  12. Well, it's not cookies exactly, but there are some VERY cool gummy-worm chromosomes at
    I am sure these would look terrific on top of a... birthday cake??

  13. Your edible mission is very commendable!! Yum! You rock.

  14. i agree with julia. the earth & the dinosaurs were my favorite. i have to think of something creative to do to show you!

  15. These were so fun to see! (I love the dinos best...) I'm looking forward to the next roundup because I'll be able to participate!

  16. wow! so cool!
    Earth Cookies are my favorite

  17. colonies of yeast, splitting cells, albino mice--this post is a foodie scientist's dream! i'm squealing with delight even as i type. :)

  18. Ms. Humble:

    As a high school science teacher and amateur foodie, I am humbled at your wonderful talent for expressing your epicurean love of all things science! Mr. Humble should be very appreciative to have such a wonderful baker/chef for a wife! Happy Valentine's Day!

  19. Are there going to be any olympic cookies or recipes?
    Btw, love your blog!

  20. Ooo, this is so cool, just saw this. Can anyone join or is there a set of faq's somewhere here taht I've missed (sorry, sleep deprived):)

  21. Shaz,

    Anyone can send photos (or links) to me for the science cookie roundups at

  22. Thanks! Will put thinking cap on, so fun :)

  23. These are all fantastic! I'm so glad I'm not the only scientist/baker out there. I work on C. elegans:

  24. These are so intriguing! I found your blog post by following a cellular trail from the Sweet Sixteen Collection. You've been featured this week! Congrats! I can't wait to take a look at your other science cookie posts.


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