Friday, February 19, 2010

Pistachio Macarons With Kirsch

Happy Monday everyone!

After a visit to my father's yesterday, I found myself toting home a bundle of 'borrowed' movies. Now normally I'm suspicious of the movies my father presses upon me, as he tends to delight in disturbing my sister and I with strange foreign films.

How old was I when I saw Baxter for the first time... eleven maybe? I'm still freaked out by bull terriers.

Anyway, this time he gave me a film called Julie & Julia telling me that it was about a food blogger, like me. Okay so this film had pretty much flown under my radar. Everyone is now wondering if I live under a rock, right? '

Well yes, I do.

Watching TV or a movie is a pretty rare occurrence around here. It just isn't part of my little family's normal leisure routine. I know, I know, the Humbles are strange.

So I see this movie and now I feel so unbelievably... normal. Very satisfying, actually. I've not read Julie Powell's blog and as I understand it, we don't have a lot in common but the experience of starting a food blog resonated. Good too see I'm not the only one dealing with the insanity of food-blogger-dom. Baking and blogging isn't always pretty. You have those days where you're splattered with batter, overwhelmed by dishes, your child is coloring on the sofa with a bic pen and your annoyed husband comes home to find out that the only thing ready for dinner is cake. Again.

It does happen.

So, more macarons today. Yes, I know I'm obsessed.

This is the second of Friday's Macaronathon, pairing the flavors of pistachio with cherry brandy.

The macaron recipe is the same as friday's Blueberry Macarons minus blueberries and adding sprinkling of pistachios.

After piping the shells, sprinkle half the shells with chopped pistachios and bake. Once cool, assemble with kirsch butter cream.

Have you had cherry brandy paired with pistachio yet? It's lovely, trust me.

Kirsch Butter Cream
460 grams (4 cups) confectioners sugar, sifted
226 grams (1 cup) unsalted butter, room temperature
1 tablespoons milk or cream
1 tablespoon Kirsch
pink food coloring (optional)

Using your stand mixer with the paddle attachment (or a hand mixer), cream the butter until smooth. Gradually add the sifted sugar, scraping down the sides of the bowl occasionally. Add the cream and beat until light and fluffy. Beat in the kirsch, adding a little more or a little less depending on your own taste.

Add a little more cream or confectioners sugar to reach the desired consistency.

Fill a piping bag with an Ateco #11 tip, or even a sandwich baggy with the corner cut off (yes, this is one of the rare occasions I use them like this) and pipe a swirl onto the cookies. Sandwich with a second cookie.


Oh and for the record, in the 'Ms Humble & Julia' movie, the lobster survives.

We named him Tiberius.


  1. I really enjoyed Julie and Julia, Meryl Streep is amazing as always.


  2. Meryl Streep was amazing, do doubt about it.

    Just adored her side of the story.

  3. These look wonderful! Were they very time-consuming or labor intensive? Or enough so that you would not recommend them to a novice chef? I love cooking but anytime I work on something too complicated I am ready to move on to the next thing before I am even done!

    Also, I am new to your blog and love it! Everything you make is so unique & makes me want to bake!

  4. that sounds wonderful! I recently bought a large bottle of kirsch (for a cranberry cake and then for chocolate almond cookies) so I am always looking for a recipe that includes it.

    these might inspire me to finally try making macarons!

    Also - it makes me happy to find another scientist who is as much obsessed with food as I am. :)

  5. Yes, Love Julie & Julia! These macaroons look fantastic. Almost too perfect :-). I am still a sucker for coconut macaroons (which I make and call them Crack-A-Roons as no one can stop eating them)!

  6. These not only sound AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS, but they are SO pretty. I can see them at a bridal or baby shower or an elegant tea party. Love them! Also, I definitely recommend you read at least some of Julie Powell's blog- it's really great.

  7. *heart* julie & julia!!

    we could all come for a visit & you could teach us to bake your most visually pleasing & delectable looking macarons...
    macarons...the movie...starring ms. humble & her food followers! now that would be a movie!!

  8. What Linda said. Set up a class in macaron making this summer, and we'll all attend. Those are some pretty-looking cookies.

  9. Julie and Julia is great! I recommend reading the book they based the film on. I read it this last summer--it's a fantastic read and very true to her blog (which you probably wouldn't have time to read). I love the things you make and the pictures are lovely! :)

  10. They are so adorable. The pink and soft green look so good together and the thought of pistachio and Kirsch makes my mouth water. If I ever decide to attempt macaroons, these are going to be the ones I aim for. Thank you x

  11. Mary,

    Macarons are well... easy in theory. It is a simple mixture, it just comes down to precision and technique.

    The cookies do have a bit of a reputation for frustrating first time bakers and novice cooks. (Though I do think some of the bad reputation is undeserved)

    I'd never discourage a novice cook from trying to learn to make them. They are tremendously fun little things to bake. The challenge just makes the accomplishment of a perfect pan of Macs all the more rewarding.

  12. Even though I knew about the movie, I've yet to see it..I tried renting it, but everytime I go into the video store it's rented out. I believe I've tried to rent it 5 times.

    And, I tried reading the book...checked out until the end of time at my local library, and is on indefinite backorder at the local bookstore.

    Well, at least I know it's good. It wouldn't be out everywhere if it wasn't.

    If I could make macarons, these are the ones I'd make.I love pistachios, and they look so...dreamy. Like other worldly. Fun.

  13. I live in Seattle and would 100% pay for an intro to macarons class if you taught one. I'm a good baker, but the idea of easily over mixing something to the point where it's trash scares the pants off me. Seeing and feeling the right texture from someone who knows would be wonderful.

  14. I must admit I've never heard of the movie either but I do love the look of your macarons although I just know I wouldn't be able to make them.

  15. oh my gosh...these are amazing...I must try!!

  16. rarely does it happen that I feel so linked to a post.. I totally clicked with this one!
    - TV viewing at minimum - check
    - Julie & julia response - check
    - Macaron flavors - check!

    :)) Happy Monday to you too!!

  17. These are so gorgeous! Well done!

  18. Annoyed husbands I understand! Mine becomes annoyed when I delay dinner to take pictures. Your photos are beautiful, and eating cake for dinner isn’t all bad!

  19. Sounds like a great flavor combination and it came out looking so pretty too!


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