Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gingerbread Scientists Amuse Me

I have recently discovered the tedious fun of icing cookies. Particularly quirky, odd-ball cookies. In this case, cookies that poke a little fun at my husband's job (this being microbiology). I have outfitted gingerbread men in royal icing lab coats. The result wasn't too shabby for my first attempt. I might try again with a smaller gingerbread cutter (these were huge) and go with a smaller piping tip for crisper detail work.

I'll have to think of some other biology-themed cookies soon, as I've had so much fun with these. I've already done cookie 'petri dishes' (apparently my streaking technique is not quite on par with an actual biologist) sprinkled with white nonpareil 'bacteria'.

If I ever find a cookie cutter shaped like E. coli or salmonella, you can be sure I'll be warming up the stand mixer.

These cookies have a PhD in delicious.


  1. ms humble -love your recipes/cooking craft AND your sense of haha is,well,give your husband my condolences/ suppose you created/crocheted that apron too?
    your blog is entertaining as hell

  2. OMG I LOVE THEM!! I know I am nerdy, that's why I love them... must make!!

  3. http://cookiecutter.com/l9005.aspx

    you could make your own!

    (and I'm sorry...but this one SCREAMS telophase! http://cookiecutter.com/sunglassesbikinitop475inb1708.aspx)

  4. I'm a microbiologist that signed up to make cake for the Christmas party. I'm totally making an MRSA cookie. You're an inspiration!!

  5. so cute! what is your gingerbread recipe?

  6. My Youth Group is doing a bake sale to raise funds for a local shelter with a focus on decorated gingerbread people... If you could post recipes and techniques (how to) for the various types of icing (i.e. lab coats vs. the piping details) that would be a huge help for an IT guy like myself!

    Some ideas the group came up with:
    emo ginger, ninja, elves, Harry Potter characters, Santa

    Regardless, I am going to point them here for inspiration!

  7. I'm working on a rough guide for some basic icing techniques right now actually. It should be up later tonight or sometime tomorrow.

  8. Hmm... Found this good advice for icing online...


  9. I've painted gingerbread men with Green Icing to make them Little Green Men. :)

  10. Thats a good post, Stephen. However, what I am writing up right now will be quite a bit more detailed and involves space invaders.

    I don't see any space invaders in his post. I don't know how you can explain icing cookies without them!


    I used this recipe for the cookies: LINK

  11. Thanks, Meghan!

    You're right, the devil is indeed in the details! I really appreciate the info on how to build piping systems.

    I've passed on the link and feel there's hope for our icing adventure to look a lot more professional!

    All the best,

  12. These are such cute cookies! I am going to be baking them for my husband's lab!!! You have inspired me to be more creative with the desserts I bake for his lab. Thanks!

  13. these are really cute. also loved the periodic table cookies.

  14. And the recipe???
    I'd love making them for my friends!

  15. wow! I'm so making those for my MSc graduation in a few months. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  16. I'm studying biology at university so I love your scientific recipes!!

  17. That first cookie is the plate affixed to the Voyager spacecraft.


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