Friday, November 6, 2009

Char Siu Bao

A Humble household favorite. Soft, fluffy and ever so slightly sweet buns stuffed with my homemade Chinese BBQ pork and special sauce.


  1. Does this entry come without a recipe just to tantalize me? These buns are my *favourite* and making midnight runs to Chinatown just isn't feasible in the winter ;)

  2. I will post that recipe... once I stop tossing in random amounts of ingredients when I make the sauce.

    I need to hammer out a precise recipe, one that someone can follow, then these yummy buns will make another appearance.

  3. YES! Please, please, PLEASE share the recipe! I LOVE these, yet have to plan a major outing just to buy some from town.
    PS: I absolutely LOVE your blog. Thank you for being amazing.

  4. have you posted the recipe for this yet?


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