Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Raspberry Cream Sandwich Cookies

Tuesday's Cookie. Another recipe from Martha that I really enjoy (link.) I always replace the normal granulated sugar called for in the recipie with homemade vanilla sugar to add additional vanilla punch to the cookies. The vanilla bean cookies have a light crispy shell and a soft chewy interior that has just a hint of salt, tempering the sweetness. The cookie is just yummy, even without the filling. Around here we eat often them plain or smeared with blob of Nutella.

Om nom nom.


  1. Do you have 'Cookies'? I am baking my way through that thing. I'm going to need the number of a good dentist soon.

  2. I do, it is my go-to book for cookies of late. I need to pick up Martha's companion Cupcake and Baking books as well, as I've been really impressed with the results of her recipes in Cookies.

    I also find myself just staring at those first few pages where she lays out everything in a visual index. That was a brilliant idea on her part. It just sucks you in.

  3. I just got 'Cookies,' after a friend had noticed that I had 'Cupcakes' and knew about my baking habit. The visual table of contents is amazing.

    I absolutely LOVE your blog.


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