Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Gift Certificate Giveaway

Last week CSN contacted me, asking if I would review a product or host a giveaway of a $150 gift certificate. My kitchen is already hopelessly cluttered with tools and gadgets, so I thought I would pass the gift certificate on to one of my humble readers. A small token of my appreciation.

You should all know really do appreciate your taking the time to follow and read the silliness I post here. When I started this blog it was purely for my own amusement, nothing more. I never expected to be one of those blogs that had followers. Now I look over at that right hand column and I am all astonishment. Really.

Don't worry, I haven't let it go to my head. I really am Ms. Humble. If anything, it usually just fills me with dread that I'll disappoint you and then you'll un-follow me. (Oh no. What did I do wrong…. wahhhhh) I can't handle that kind of rejection.

Wait, this is supposed to be about my giveaway and not my personal neurosis, right. Moving on...

So a $150 gift certificate! For the winner to spend as they please. I should note that the certificate doesn't cover shipping costs but most of the stuff on CSN has or qualifies for free shipping anyway, so no worries there.

So let's make this fun. What would you buy with $150? They stock just about everything from furniture and sectional sofas to pet supplies and housewares. They actually have over 200 different stores to browse.

I guess one of the first things I'd pick out would be a new marble rolling pin for working with chilled pastry. However at $9 that really doesn't make much of a dent in this gift certificate. So much mad-money to spend…this could be fun, right?

So think about what you would like to win and leave a comment below including:
  • your email address
  • what sort of baking/cooking from their housewares store that you really want or need. A copper bowl, a ice cream maker, or my rolling pin? This is just for fun of course, the winner can spend the gift certificate on anything.
  • If you follow my blog or start following my blog I'll enter your name twice into my drawing. If you also follow on Facebook I'll enter you three times. Just be sure to mention that when you enter (To be fair, I will be verifying that the winner was entitled to however many entries they got).

I will write an email address for each entry on a paper slip and toss it into a bowl. I will select one of the slips on Tuesday June 22nd (you can post a comment to enter up until 11AM PST on the 22nd). This drawing is open to all my readers in the US and Canada.

Edit: Looks like I will be spending an entire day cutting out little slips of paper!


  1. Am I the first to enter? Oh no...

    I would like to have an ice cream maker, or maybe just the ice cream making bowl attachment for my 20+ year old KitchenAid mixer, handed down from my mother.

    I have followed you on Google, and through Facebook. I love your blog!

    kimclemmer at gmail dot com

  2. First off, your science cookies kill! We love them in our lab! So obviously I follow you. Second, faithlandsman at earthlink dot net.

    I killed my kitchenaid mixer making fondant...This would go a long way toward a new one.

  3. I want...
    - nonstick pans
    - a set of knives
    - 9" cake pans
    - a bundt pan
    - AND a food processor!

    Hmm, I may need more than $150 for all that - but here's hoping!


  4. What a great giveaway! I am in desperate need of a new dutch oven so I would probably get the Le Creuset French Oven Gift Set.

    I follow you on facebook!!!


  5. I would definitely put that toward a Le Creuset dutch oven: http://www.csnstores.com/Dutch-Ovens-by-Le-Creuset-C244583.html


    hansbrough at yahoo dot com

  6. Ms.Humble -- a small typo -- you have CNS instead of CSN...I wasn't familiar with the store so I googled it and got central nervous system. I knew that couldn't be right so I clicked on the sectional sofa link. (grin)

    That said, my e-mail is westenhoff at gmail dot com

    I would spend the gift cert on a good 12" non-stick pan. I have a stainless steel and love it, but could use a non-stick for some dishes.

    I have followed you via Google/Blogger, and I'm going over to Facebook RIGHT NOW to follow you there. I've never done that on facebook for ANYONE!

    And I bought something called "Farmer's Cheese" today on the advice of the lady at the cheese shop to try as a substitute for turo in the Hungarian Cheesecake. I'll let you know . . .

  7. Love your blog!

    I think I would buy something for my deck. Maybe a bar-set or something.

    Following you on facebook too.

    Good luck everyone!


  8. We are gearing up to finally start to redo the kitchen in our new house, and I'm hoping to get all kinds of new gadgets to use in it.

    Honestly, the thing I feel like I actually *need* the most is a stand mixer. I haven't put it on my wishlist because I haven't had any counter space I can spare. But with the redesign, I'm gonna have LOTS of counter space!

    I follow you on FB, and check your blog the old fashioned way - bookmarks. I love your creativity.

  9. Oh my goodness! I would buy saucepans, certainly. Maybe a cast iron skillet? Some more cutting boards? A great knife?

    Oh by the way, I follow you here and on FB.

    Julie @ Willow Bird Baking

  10. I would buy a tea kettle to replace the beautiful red enameled one I accidentally melted to burner that time I turned on the wrong one. Maybe the beautiful blue le creuset one. Or perhaps an electric one to avoid such mishaps. A waffle-iron, so I could make cake waffles. And this isn't for the kitchen but I can't lie and not mention that I would buy some sort of better litter box because OH MY GOODNESS! I am sick of stepping on cat litter.

    I follow you here on blogger, and on facebook. my email address is jewelaroni at gmail dot com

  11. Ooh, this makes me all sorts of excited. I LOVE your blog, being both a scientist AND a wanna-be pastry chef.

    I really would like a new coffee maker - so I have all the energy I need to bake when I want. Plus, I've always wanted a marble rolling pin and marble board for making pie crusts. This certificate would be so helpful.

    I follow your blog, on Facebook and also on Twitter.

    Email: jaimecheah@yahoo.com.


  12. I just tried to look through and decide what I would like, and oh my gosh, i think i just tallied up 5000 dollars! Everyone I know has birthdays in the next two months so this would be perfect for gifts for them, but i also am an avid baker (copper bowl hello!),and my home is also under renovation so....

    I follow you on google and Facebook and I am a psuedo-scientist (not graduated) so i love love love the science cookies.

    ps. i am one of those people who has never won anything ever, but today i am giving it a shot!


  13. Following your blog as well as twitter.

    Definitely will get something for the deck.


  14. There are so many things on that website, I was overwhelmed by the options! I would definitely stock up my kitchen with some essentials, but I spotted this seashell tea cake pan and must have it! http://www.csnstores.com/Nordicware-80137-NWR1377.html

    I follow your blog and on Facebook. Thanks for the great recipes and information!

    kathryn {dot} mcelroy23 {at} gmail {dot} com

  15. Oh goodness. I think, since I just got out of college and am building a kitchen, I'd want a nice knife set. My $3 one from Ikea is miserably difficult. I'm following you on Google (though not under this ID -- my googleID has my real name so I don't like to comment under it but you can email me to ask me what it is to double check!) and just became a fan of yours on Facebook.


  16. I follow on Twitter, and stop by the page whenever I can for more updates. Definitely one of my favorite cooking/baking blogs!

    I've been expanding my baking repertoire, so I'd probably buy baking supplies-- a springform pan, a square pan, cooling racks, and an extra round pan for doing tiered cakes.

    morgan.wolf at gmail dot com

  17. Hi! I have to say that I love this blog and so do my kids! They love the cookies and finding new things for me to make!

    I'd love to get a dutch oven.... a really nice one! And a new Kitchen Aid mixer... and.. well I'll stop there!

    I follow your blog on Google, and through Facebook!

    jackie.a.cross at gmail dot com

  18. Awesome! My email is jbsham at gmail dot com
    I am a follower and I'm a facebook follower. :)

    I really need a decent meat cutting board, so I would get this:


    The one we got for our wedding cracked and all the juice would leak all over the counters. It was very sad. :)

  19. there are so many things i would get:
    a waffle maker
    la creuset baking dishes
    a really nice cutting board
    and a wide assortment of all the little tools i never buy because i'm cheap.

  20. I have been wanting a spice rack... my herbs & spices are all over the place - literally (it's like an Easter egg hunt when I cook). I love the 6-drawer chest they have.

    I have been following you on Blogger for some time now... I also have you on FB. I've made 3 of your recipes including marshmallows - I will live vicariously through your macaroon experience and wait til I visit France again :)

    I am experimenting with whoopie pies right now... jalepeno corn bread with bacon scallion filling is what's being shipped out to family and friends now.


  21. Two kitchen items that I am desperate for. A KitchenAid stand mixer (hopefully in red!) and a griddle pan...because I need more room for my awesome blueberry buttermilk pancakes.

    I follow you!


  22. I've got you on my Google reader, the gateway was a friend's Facebook post of the science cookies!

    Even though countertop real estate is severely limited in our tiny tiny kitchen, I am just about decided on investing in a stand mixer.

    minnaming at gmail dot com

  23. just realized.. the company is CSN not CNS, guess you have the central nervous system on your mind!

  24. What a great giveaway prize! If I won (and my fingers are crossed), I would invest in a new set of pots and pans. Mine were cheap when I got them and they are at least 10 years old now. They are in terrible shape and I would love a new set.

    reneetbouchard at gmail dot com

  25. I'm torn between wanting a new stand mixer (so I can retire the 40-year-old beast that my mother handed down to me after she finally got a new one) or a dutch oven.


    (I just "liked" you on Facebook.)

  26. I would get a nice cutting board and a nice knife. Or maybe... some new grilling gear.

    I follow you (on google reader, and now through blogger). As a fellow scientist/cook, I appreciate all of the science-themed food!

    andistar85 at gmail dot com

  27. I think I would use the $150 as partial payment for a Henckels knife set. And with those knives I would practice hard until I could rival your mad dessert slicing skills.

    I follow your blog, and as of two minutes ago, I follow you on Facebook, too.

    curtis dot isaak at gmail dot com

  28. What would I spend $150 gift cert on? Oh, you mean AFTER I replace the mixer that I burned the motor out and a new, sharp knife to hide from my husband so he won't use it on PVC pipes and other nonsense and a cookie sheet that the kids haven't use in their "experiments". Then I would get a a chocolate mill since no one can seriously call themselves a chocoholic without one...

    And do I follow you? Please, I practically stalk you! Twitter, regular blog reader, and FB plus I hooked my brother and dad onto your posts. :D


  29. I would put the money towards a kitchenaid mixer. Or canning stuff, if they have it. Or more cheese cloth. Or... well, kitchen stores are my happy place, I'm sure I'd find something.

    kestrel127 at gmail dot com

  30. Hi

    I have got you in my google reader and the post that brought me to your blog was the agarose gel cookies (awesome idea - my husband is defending his thesis in two weeks btw so i think i will prepare some just for fun :)

    I would either buy set of extremely good knifes or buy the mixer that i can actually do stuff with as the one i have is a 6$ mashine!

    mkasterka at gmail dot com

  31. Things my life is sorely lacking include but are not limited to:
    coffee grinder
    crock pot
    fry/candy thermometer
    roasting rack
    vegetable steam basket
    the list goes on and on. I would try to trim this list as much as possible with a gift cert.

    I am a long-time subscriber to your blog (updates show up automatically on my google reader page). I didn't know this was different than following a blog. But now i am a follower as well.

  32. Definitely a dutch oven! I've wanted one for so long! And I just started following your blog a short while ago, but I love it!!

  33. Cast iron frying pan for making pancakes and french toast, among other things.

    If I have money left, a nice set of rocks glasses in which to drink whiskey while I paint (and to share with my models/muses).

    I am following you here and on facebook.


  34. I'd start with a new electric steamer to replace the one that just died, and a variety of loaf pans for my bread baking. Then I'd really consider the ice cream bowl for my KitchenAid stand mixer. I keep waiting for my current ice cream maker to die so I can get that.

    Following on Google Reader.

  35. Oh, I can't not jump on this.

    I'm going to say I'd start with the Hamilton 10 cup food processor because the intensity with which I desire a food processor is absurd. Along side that, a new rolling pin, a few more cookie sheets to round it up, I think.


  36. hello! i am a new blog follower! Your blog is beautiful!

    I would like to get a kitchen aid stand mixer! I think I've been baking long enough now to know that I would put it to good use. :)

  37. I would figuratively die for a new kitchen faucet. The one in my new house doesn't have a hose! It's fixed in place! I never realized how useful/indispensable/vital the hose was until I have had to live without it. I hate this one so much that I leave the dishes for my husband. He would be ecstatic (and relieved) if we won this!

    I follow you on google alison(dot)sinclair(at)gmail(dot)com!

  38. Well, I need a new crockpot, but I think I'd start with a decent knife set and make do with my broken lid-crockpot.

    I follow your blog here and on Facebook.


  39. miss_vicki07@hotmail.com

    I follow your blog and I love it! I just wish I had the talent to create such wondrous things.

    I could really use a cookie sheet. I know it's really simple but I love making cookies and cookies are like my thing I always have in my cupboards, but I don't even own a cookie sheet. I bake cookies on a pizza pan, how sad is that?

    Keep up the great work!

  40. Hi Ms. Humble-

    Thanks for living up to your name and choosing the gift certificate giveaway! I am a happy follower of your blog both through google and facebook. I am a scientist myself (neuroscience and psychology) and I love all the geeky additions you add to your blog.

    I would first buy myself a kitchen scale, as I've never owned one and given my predilection for both baking and anal-retentive scientific measuring, that seems like a necessity. After the scale I'd probably use the money to buy a good knife. I have one decent one now, but am in desperate need of an additional knife.


    andrea dot weinstein at gmail dot com

  41. hollynoelle at domesticdork dot com

    I might get the Nordicware butterfly cake pan if I won. My toddler has a thing for butterflies. And I have a thing for cake decorating.

    I follow your blog.

    And I follow you on FB.

  42. Wow - if I were to win, I'd want to get one of the stand mixers for my husband (who's the cook in the family). He's been asking for one for ages!

    I follow your blog.

    I follow you on facebook.


  43. jonest2004 at yahoo dot com

    I'd buy three All Clad Ovenware Baking Sheets
    http://www.csnstores.com/All-Clad-9000SB-AAC1176.html I would never splurge on these with my own money, because just those 3 would take care of the entire $150! I was so excited to find your gel electrophoresis cookies and all the other science-related cookies (fellow stay-at-home scientist) that I feel the need to go on a huge baking spree!

    I follow you on Facebook and have an RSS feed to your blog set up on My Yahoo

  44. cahuset at gmail dot com

    I would get a mixer. I have to everything by hand right now. or a kitchen scale and some linens.

    I follow your blog, and on FB.

  45. I fixed the CNS/CSN error. Thanks!

    These wish-lists are really interesting.

    I agree with the knives. Everyone should have a good sharp knife and absolutely keep it away from your husband who wants to cut PVC with it (the horror!).

    Le Creuset is popular I see (I love them too, I admit it). However, do check out Lodge brand dutch ovens if they carry them. They make the same enameled ovens for much less. They also make fantastic cast iron pans. I have a 12" lodge skillet and a corn bread pan that I'll probably hand down to my kids.

  46. I would like an ice cream maker. Specifically, a self-cooling Cuisinart. $150 would certainly help!

    I follow your blog.

    There must be an easier way than writing every entry on a piece of paper...

  47. chessbess@gmail.com

    I've been a follower and a big fan since December. You make me wish I had decent tools to cook, but I'm a broke college student. If I won, I'd put it towards a stand mixer, or perhaps some decent pots and pans, and some bakeware.


  48. I most definitely need a Kitchen Aid mixer!! My baking endeavors have failed miserably, probably because the 1978 Sunbeam mixer that I inherited from my grandmother makes a funny smell from the motor area whenever I go beyond the "combine dry ingredients" setting...

    Ah, and I both follow your blog and made sure to "like" it on Facebook!

  49. I am blessed to have everything I want and/or need in my kitchen. But I would love to enter on behalf of my darling Daughter #1, a great young baker/cook who also is a nerdy scientist and who thinks your website is super cool! If I am lucky enough to win, I'll turn the prize over to her.

    Don't know if it counts, but she set up my computer so that your blog pops up on "Google Reader" the moment you post something new. So I know about it right away!

  50. Oh!! this is fantastic!!! I would use it towards buying a KitchenAid stand mixer!! in RED! :))) I love that color and would kill for the mixer ;-)

  51. I follow your blog through blogger as well as through facebook. Love your posts - I can't wait to be settled from the move to TX so I can start baking again.

    As for what I would buy? maybe knives, or an au gratin dish, a mandolin, or maybe a kitty condo for the two cats.

  52. Sarah_hoxit@mcgraw-hill.com

    I follow you on facebook and just added you on Twitter, following the blog as well.

    I would finally get the citron colored Emile Henry pie plate I've been oogling for years, while I begrudgingly continue to use an old clear pyrex one. :-)

    I've also had my eye on the set of stainless nonskid mixing bowls from Sur la Table.

  53. imwiththeband28@gmail.com

    I'm moving in a month, and while I have a few nice non-stick pans, I have absolutely no pots whatsoever as I've been using my roommates. So that would be the first this on my list. With anything left over I would get a nice copper or stainless steel mixing bowl to use for melting chocolate over the stove or when I want to make gelato in the freezer :D I've been reading your blog forever but just followed you as well as liking your facebook page :)

  54. Oh, what a great site, I'd never heard of CSN. I'd want new pans (to replace my set of non-stick) and some Le Crueset!


    Heading to facebook right now...(already follow on google reader)

  55. beckgregg79@yahoo.com

    Caldo-Freddo Vagary Dinnerware
    an icecream maker or Ramekins!!

    I love keeping up with you on facebook and have you in my feed burner.
    Keep humble:)

  56. Hi again! oh boy... so many choices! I'd definitely think about using the money towards a new KitchenAid stand mixer (since I'll be moving out from home, it would be nice to have my own). Or, I'd put it towards a Gaggia Espresso machine because I can't enjoy desserts without espresso. Also, I used to be a barista so having my own machine was always a dream of mine. OR (I swear this is the last "or"), I would invest in buying a Staub Cocotte or Braiser Saute Pan for the boyfriend (I know, he's lucky) and a Staub tea kettle for me.

    Thanks for this opportunity! I follow your blog here (username: em) as well as on facebook.

    email: missemilytsai at gmail dot com

  57. Ms. Humble,

    Wow, this is a great giveaway, thanks for the chance!

    I'm currently under contract for my first home, and there are so many things I could do with $150 gift certificate! But after careful consideration, I think I'd have to put it towards a Cuisinart 5.5 quart stand mixer, in brushed chrome (or the 7 quart, but I didn't see it on the site). More than furniture, dishes, and other "essentials", I've always wanted my own Cuisinart mixer. As a fellow science nerd and aspiring baker, I can't wait to have my own kitchen and start trying some of your recipes.

    I follow you here on Google Blogger, and on facebook. I can be reached at "davidtana at gmail dot com". Thanks again!

  58. I have been dying to get an immersion blender and a slow cooker. With any money left over I could get some decent cookie sheets to replace my warped and stained ones :)

    I've had you in my Google Reader for ages and I just went and liked you on Facebook.

  59. First, Totally in love with your blog. I made your lovely, blue cupcakes with the fondant daisies for my friend's bridal shower and they were a huge hit. Also, I made your caramels (which was the first time I delved into candy-making). Thank you thankyou! They were out of this world.

    Okay, anyway, my email address is campbell.rae@gmail.com. I do follow you on google and facebook.

    I would buy an ice cream maker, or maybe copper bowls since I have never owned any. Anything that would help me cook and bake more especially since I am inspired to start my own food blog, if only to the share the recipes I try with friends. Thanks again!

  60. I'm following you on Google Reader and Facebook, too!

    A friend sent me a link, because I'm working my way through the alphabet in pie this year. (I'm on "K" which was, of course, Key Lime.)

    So I'd buy an Emile Henry pie plate, a copper bowl for meringues, and a decent knife.


  61. They have a lovely baker's rack I have my eye on and the $150 would cover it.

    I follow your blog and am a fan on FB.


  62. crazysarah at gmail dot com

    I need some decent kitchen knives. I have one nice serrated one, but I recently bent the tip, which has impaired its usefulness.

    I follow your blog and I just added your facebook page.

  63. Hi!
    I'm a Facebook fan
    I also follow with Google Friend Connect
    I enjoy reading your posts :)
    I have a teen son who has asked for a rice cooker...future chef maybe? I'd get one for him if I won and maybe some pasta bowls which I really need. Thanks!!

    vac924 at gmail dot com

  64. Hi, I just found your blog and I'm loving it! I'll be checking back in my daily blog reading sessions. I booked marked you.

    I'd love to stock my kitchen with a GOOD set of knives, a cast iron slillet and a grill pan. That is the short list :)

    mogwai-moria at usa dot net

  65. After having an ex-boyfriend take off with literally ALL my kitchen/baking stuff years ago (to the tune of over $2000 no less), the only things my husband hasn't helped me replace are my Silpats and a set of heavy duty baking sheets. I'd also love an extra 6qt bowl for my Kitchenaid (although I don't think that's something they carry). Oh! And maybe some smaller Microplanes for nutmeg and the like.

    Reading your blog has been quite a treat and a real inspiration for me to finally try cookie decorating, albeit with much less success than you've been able to attain. =)

    I follow you on FB, Twitter, and Google!

    m.chatellier at gmail dot com

  66. What a great giveaway. I follow your blog and love it - although I have to admit to feeling like a bit of a baking failure in comparison...

    I would love an ice cream maker. I do make ice cream regularly and it would be great not to have to keep taking it out of the freezer and stirring it.

    watts dot natalie at gmail dot com

  67. I would buy a Le Creuset dutch oven. In red. I have you in my atom feeds.

  68. GeekMomma42@gmail.com

    I follow your blog and on Facebook. Thanks for all the inspiration. As a chemist, I LOVE the science cookies, especially the gingerbread lab folks!

    I would start with a half sheet pan and some new cookie sheets (never the same after the shrinky dinks) ... and a gingerbread man cookie cutter (Chemistry department needs a little fun!). Plus the Nordicware Sea Shell Teacakes Pan because I love the beach!!

  69. wow!!
    fabu giveaway ms. h!!

    i am a faithful follower who wishes for:
    global 8" bread knife
    cusinart ice cream maker...but it is out of stock (if i win i can wait for it to come back into stock)...&
    would love to own a copper bowl for beating those egg whites!!

    thank you for including me:

  70. You are one of the blogs that makes my heart flutter when the FOOD section of my reader is in bold. I get SO excited... its a total tie between you and Rachel's Goma Web Log on the Kivu region of the Congo. Serious!

    I would get some muffin baking pans, because I don't have any... and maybe a cutting board? Mine is half melted on the corner and you can only cut on one side. Maybe a separate coffee grinder for just coriander... and my rubber spatula which I love was hysterically mutilated trying to get applesauce out of the food processor.... LOTS of things I need.

    kroseycorn@gmail.com and i'll be adding you to facebook in a moment (who knew??).

  71. I desperately need a set of good knives... I've got my eye on The Chicago Cutlery "Insignia Cutlery" set. That would take care of most of it in one big chunk. BTW, I follow your blog on am now following you on facebook! I feel like a stalker!!

  72. ashleyjanecurtis@gmail.com
    Facebook friend and follower. Bam.
    I need everything. Really, I am not kidding. I am getting married and I once got rid of all of my kitchen things because I thought I was going to live in South America. Who knew I would come back and get married and have NADA. Haha

  73. Awesome! Hmmm... I'm moving so there's a long list of stuff, new knives, nice new cutting boards, or maybe some Le Creuset. There's a lot of nice stuff that I could use to break in a new kitchen.


  74. Oh gosh. I love pretend shopping! I would definitely go for the icecream maker for fun. It would alleviate some of this Florida heat and my A/C is broken currently so it seems even better. I'd go for a baking sheet and a silpat sheet.

    I follow your blog through my google reader. And enjoy it greatly!

    fortheloveofjustice at gmail dot com

  75. I would probably put it toward buying a nice dutch oven for a friend's birthday. She really wants one but has been spending all her time and money on finishing their remodel before her hip surgery in two weeks! I figure once she can stand for more than 10 minutes at a stretch, a new piece of cookware would be a fun distraction during recovery.

  76. Oh how I love, love, love your blog!
    I seriously start drooling every time I see a new post! I wish I had all the time in the world so that I can make every single recipe that you blog about! How do you do it??

    Anyway, if I won the giveaway I would definitely get an ice cream maker and possibly an ice cream cone maker. I know it's not really a huge necessity to some, but for us in the hot humid south it is an essential to survive!!

    My email is liliddick@hotmail.com and (of course) I am a follower.

  77. A FOOD PROCESSOR. Or at least a blender. While I do at least have a decent kitchen since I moved into my new apartment, I am still a po' college student hampered by the severe lack of Kitchen Gadgetry I can afford.

    If there's anything left, I'd get a really good set of measuring spoons and some new baking pans--I pine for a muffin tin. And a steamer, but now I'm just getting greedy.

    And then I would start working through all your recipes!

    Much love,

  78. I've always wanted a waffle maker - I find when I go out to breakfast, the waffle plates with the strawberries and whip cream just make me drool so I would love one of my own. Thanks for the chance to win :)

    I'm a following your blog

    I'm a facebook fan (Abby Smith)

    asmithonline at yahoo dot ca

  79. oh my...absolutely the ice cream maker. I'm subletting from girls this summer who have one from approximately 1967 but a shiny new (colorful) one would be divine. I follow you and love your blog. Thanks! katherineeamcgrath at gmail

  80. I always need another ridiculously shaped cake pan (I saw one shaped like ice cream cones - how cool!). Of course, Mr. C will probably talk me into getting something useful, like a blender. (Maybe I can convince him that an ice cream machine would be useful too!)


  81. Ms. Humble, how I love you so. I follow you every day on Google, and I didn't even think to follow you on Facebook until now. What's wrong with me?! I can get my daily dose of Humble in the morning at work, and then again at night at home :)

    If I had $150 to spend, I'd buy lots and lots of Silpat mats. Those things are awesome. Those and a kitchen scale. I think my macaron obsession would be greatly enhanced by both of these. I could get my macaron fix every day!

    Please consider me for your generous giveaway.

    Thank you!!


  82. Ooh, it's hard to narrow down exactly what I'd get, but I do know the list would include a few half-sheet pans, a large tart pan with removable bottom, and some prep bowls.

    I've been following your blog on Google Reader for a while, and I also follow you on Facebook (Jennifer Crawford)

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. I am a loyal follower via Blogger/Google Friends Connect.

    I'd probably have to go with a deep fryer for home cooked french fries and other nifties as well as an ice cream maker.

    krerick (at) gmail (dot) com

  85. I would love to get a food processor and a whisk. And couple of new pans so I don't have to bake layer cakes one at a time (cakes with more than one layer rarely happen because of this).


  86. The question of my life. I could certainly use a rolling pin, because making sugar cookies without one sucks.

    But I'd LOVE a kitchen Aid standing mixer, I dream of the butternut yellow one. But really, any color would do. Green would be sweet. I like green.

    I read ALL your posts on blogspot. I love baking and cooking. and yours in my favorite.

    I follow you on facebook too.
    briarsilverfox at hotmail dot com
    It would just make my life so much easier.

  87. I would Love to have their multi drawer spice rack. It'd fit perfectly in my kitchen!

    I'm a rabid baker and love your blog. :)

    christifolsom at aol dot com

  88. I'd get new knives... mine are duds! :)
    jansanderson at sisna dot com

  89. What a fun post! I follow you on Facebook (no Twitter, no Time) and you're on my RSS feed list for daily doses of yum!

    My food processor is busted and I miss it. So that's a def.

    Any money left over and I would get a good plain dowel rolling pin and a mortar/pestle to replace mine which was lost in some move or other...

    thanks for the fun giveaway!

    anita at bearboring dot com

  90. I've been reading this blog for a while (but now I finally have followed you!)

    I definitely want an ice cream maker! Reason A] is because we're moving to Georgia and it's hot there, Reason B] is that even if I lived in Alaska I'd want one because dang food blogs keep showcasing ice creams to make!

    Hmmm...other than that...maybe some tall bowls for mixing, the only ones we have are shallow, so it makes a lot of mess.

  91. I forgot... I'm a follower
    jansanderson at sisna dot com

  92. I'm going to be a very first-time homeowner starting on Friday!! This means that I am in need of just about everything - cakepans, cookies sheets, everyday dinner dishes. The $150 could certainly go a long way here!

    I follow you both here and and on Facebook.


  93. Wow, thank you for sharing with us. Smart, witty, a domestic goddes and generous to boot. What an inspiration.

    I just had a look at their site and there is some seriously cool seashell and other shaped muffin tins. And a new kitchen scale would make life a lot easier.

    I love to follow your blog and have you on Facebook too so I don't miss a thing.

    jacquivriens @ gmail.com

  94. I would get an ice cream maker and some good baking pans.
    I follow you on Google (RSS feed) and I'm on my way to add you on facebook.

    skiger at gmail dot com

  95. Awesome giveaway! I would want to use the gift certificate toward a new dining room table...our is super old and falling apart, and it would be lovely to have a nice, beautiful place to enjoy all the food I bake/cook! :)

    Also -
    I follow your blog on Google Reader
    And I followed you on Facebook.

    Awesome giveaway - thanks for doing it!

  96. I think you shouldn't be surprised we follow you, your recipes are amazing,and you bake GEEKY COOKIES! Anyone who doesn't think science cookies are amazing doesn't understand the definition of amazing. ^_^

    I follow you via RSS, however, facebook lost my business a while back, so I can't follow you on there.

    My e-mail is delirium.sama at gmail dot com, and if I were to win, I would buy some nice shelving for my kitchen, since my pantry right now is only a teeny bookcase.

  97. ooo, great giveaway. I would love a copper bowl. And an ice cream maker...

  98. A stand mixer. It's the one thing I haven't been able to afford that I really need/want - to knead dough, to make marshmallows, to stop beating things by hand for 48535873945 hours. It's on my wishlist every year, and we always debate buying one... but they're expensive. A luxury.

    saramwrap AT livejournal DOT com

    I follow you through my RSS reader, which probably doesn't count - but it's much nicer than following through a site service!

  99. Oooooh, I'll join the ranks and get an ice cream maker...but I could also use a crockpot, or some new knives...oh the options!

    I also follow you on my feed reader.

  100. I need an electric mixer.I just burned my other one out about 30 minutes ago.Ha! It was 20 years old so I guess I can't complain.

  101. A Le Creuset dutch oven to support my no-knead bread habit, of course!

    I originally saw one of your science cookie posts somewhere else, and have been hooked ever since – Google Reader and Facebook.

    My email is lmariaschneider@gmail.com.

  102. Wow! What a great giveaway!! I would get a wok, another microplane grater, another scale, and another crockpot. I need to update those items.

  103. Oh, so many lovely things.

    I'd want to get a stick blender. I miss mine! It got lost in the last move, probably the same place that my hand blender went.

    I'd then likely spend the rest on getting a cat tree for the kitties, so that they can sit on it and stare out the window.

    email: pullthestars@gmail.com, and I follow you on Google Reader and on Facebook.

  104. i follow your blog.

    i want a food dehydrator. mmm.

  105. I would love a pizza stone // Heck if we are dreaming a wood burning stove!
    Email thedirtyoven@gmail.com
    I follow your blog and on facebook. You are an inspiration. Your science cookies posts are awesome.
    Nicole @ thedirtyoven.blogspot.com

  106. Easy answer - a stand mixer. As a recent college grad I'm too tight on funds to fork over the full amount, but with a gift certificate to ease the blow I could finally stop coveting my mom's mixer!

    I follow you here and on Facebook.

    ezelle (at) gmail (dot) com

  107. ooooo! They have the juicer I've been wanting! I juice and zest a lot of lemons cooking and I don't like most of the electric ones...

    Your site is one of 2 blogs I actually follow (the other being Smitten Kitchen). I follow on google, twitter, and facebook (mostly twitter and facebook, though)

    geojlc at gmail dot com

  108. I would **LOVE** to have a standing mixer, oh or a real food processor, oh or a ice cream maker... Yeah the many wishings of an underpaid graduate student...
    I follow your blog and on facebook!
    achemistszoo at gmail dot com

  109. I think I just joined you on facebook. I clicked on the button at the top of your page.

  110. I covet a good omelette pan, because then I will be able to make omelettes that actually om, as it were :)

    (ps- I follow you via RSS)

  111. I would start with ramekins and a food processor. And since that's probably more than $150, I would end there as well.
    I follow your blog and am adding facebook.
    lizard22w at gmail dot com

  112. I'd like a sous vide machine ... and a pony.

    followed the blog, and the comment. and I'm already a twitter follower, does that count?

    morisseau at gmail dot com

  113. Oooo...a breadmaker or a pasta machine.
    ellaredstar at gmail dot com

  114. I would LOVE this... and since we need a new set of cutlery, I think the knives would use up the gift certificate pretty quickly. And I've got you on Facebook and following here, too! Thanks for the chance to win!

  115. I'd probably use it to buy some new home decor. We're moving to a new place soon and it would definitely help.

    I follow you on Google/Blogger.

  116. me, me, pick me!!! i needs some new bowls!!! im a follower here, but not on fb...

  117. I follow you on facebook and have enjoyed it ever since my m-in-l turned me on to your blog.

    It would be a toss up between an ice cream maker or putting a huge dent in the price of a stand mixer.

    lily_rose21 at hotmail dot com

  118. I'd get something for my daughter's wedding and then a copper bowl for me! I've wanted one ever since I read about yours in the blog. I follow you here and on Facebook.

    hollyhunterellis at gmail dot com

  119. I would love to get a heavy dutch oven pan & new baking sheets & bowls too :-)
    I follow your blog and FB, but where I discovered you first was on foodgawker.com, I saw a food photo that made me want to make the recipe.

  120. I follow you on google and on facebook!
    My food processor just died on me today and will be shopping for one soon. Regardless of the gift, I love your blog and as you say, "silly" postings!

    God bless,

  121. Oh my god ! i would like to have the KitchenAid Artisan Series Tilt-Head Stand Mixer in my kitchen !!!!
    I follow you here and on Facebook ! of course !

    ang dot regnier at free dot fr

  122. What a treat! I would probably look at an ice cream maker for me and something for mum, but there is so much to choose from!

  123. Amilianna at google.com

    To be honest, my entire kitchen could really use some updating. But mostly I would like a new coffee pot where the carafe doesn't spill all over whenever you pour from it causing endless frustration. Being the happy little OCD cook that I am, I would probably ended up spending the rest of the gift certificate (if I won) in their Kitchen Storage & Organization area. Ooo! A cookbook holder! *gets sucked into the site, never to return*

    My bank account blames you. :)

  124. Firstly, I cannot stop scrolling through the CSN site; I feel like I have opened Pandora's Box of Potential Naughty Kitchen Purchases. I would blame you, but I love your lime tart too much to have any negative feelings. Ever.

    Secondly, an ice cream maker would certainly be number one on my list...But I am not sure I could be trusted to eat any other type of food if I had one. So, some TBD piece of Le Creuset bakeware in Kiwi and/or Caribbean would be my second -and safer- choice indulgence.

    Finally, the email is molly.patton(at)yahoo.com & I follow on the blog & facebook.


  125. I'd get a mandolin or a new food processor. I follow you on here and on facebook.


  126. I'd get a mandolin, a food processor and maybe an ice cream machine. I also follow you here and on Facebook.


  127. I think I could use an ice cream making though that could be dangerous to my waistline...


  128. I would probably put it towards a KitchenAid mixer or a food processor.
    amandarwest at gmaildotcom

  129. I'm a follower.
    amandarwest at gmaildotcom

  130. Oh snap, what a great giveaway! I've been getting more into regular baking and cooking, so this is perfectly timed. :3 I could seriously use a food processor and a handmixer. Doing whipped cream manually stinks!

    I'm subscribed to your RSS feed (on two Readers no less!). In case of emergen- err winnings, I can be reached at citywitch (AT) gmail

  131. Fab giveaway! I would break down and get a Kitchen Aid mixer, I'm finding myself being enticed into more baking.

    I'm also a proud blog follower!

    jdsmithfamily (at) yahoo (dot) com

  132. I have a feeling that you're going to be writing out a LOT of email addresses! Thanks for sharing this with us! I follow you via bloglines, but I am not sure if that counts or not.

    I would spend the money on a nice knife. Or maybe some pans... Or some dinner plates... Or a cute comforter... Or an adorable tea pot... Or...

    Oh dear.

  133. I'm a follower on blogger (I'm not really a facebook kinda gal). As an ornithologist who also loves to cook, I was originally drawn to your blog by your science-themed baking posts, but now I eagerly follow everything you write!

    My boyfriend and I are about to move into our first jointly-owned condo, and we're also about to start grad school! I'd love to get either a good dutch oven (like the Le Creuset set), a rice cooker (maybe a Zojirushi?), or an 8" chef's knife to make food prep faster and more efficient. If I had any money left over, I'd probably get a kitchen scale, since I've always wanted one! Oh, or a set of Pyrex food storage containers...

    kelsey dot low at gmail dot com

  134. My kitchenaid died, poor thing. It needs a newer and functional friend!

    I'm following your blog, and on facebook! :)

    whitney a-t serenityco d-o-t com

    Love your blog!

  135. Dear Ms. Humble,

    I realize how deeply unoriginal (among the list of comments already submitted) both of these items are, but I would put the money toward a KitchenAid. I can do a lot by hand -- bread doughs, cake batters, whipped cream and egg whites, but the one thing I've been told just can't be done by hand is pasta sheets. I assisted a pasta making class last fall that used the pasta roller attachment, and I'm determined to own one someday. Thanks for the chance!

    (Your quest for the perfect macaron has inspired me to do the same with a few of my favorite dishes!)

    bevkchu@gmail.com, proud new blog official-follower (unofficial until today)

  136. wow, that sounds fantastic! thank you for this offer.

    i could really use some new knives and cutting boards, but i'd probably go for some serving trays first. still using the mismatched hand-me-down dishes!


  137. A new electric ice cream maker, most definitely! Ours bit the dust last Summer and I am missing it so bad! Maybe some Le Crueset too!

    I am also a Google follower.

  138. I was going to say that I'd get a saucepan to replace the one I accidentally burned ( :( ), but then I saw the prices on the saucepans. ow!
    Instead, I'd probably add to my pie plate collection. There are some lovely Le Creuset dishes, mmm....

  139. hello ms. humble. i'm a longtime lurker and recent official follower, and i'm going to go over and check you out on facebook as well. $150 invested in my kitchen would go to that marble rolling pin you mentioned--i'd love to see how that changes how i do pastry!--as well as a belgian waffle iron and probably some nice cloth napkins. or maybe a wine rack. =)

    i love your science cookies (it's really gratifying to see other geeky foodies!) as well as all the pies you have recently featured.

    love from piefairy (at) yahoo (dot) com

  140. Do you try to stretch the gift certificate and get a bunch of little stuff or splurge on one thing you would never otherwise buy for yourself?

    I am torn between accoutrements for my new-found love of cheese (cheese knives, markers, cheese boards, etc.) or buying the Le Creuset Dutch oven that I have always wanted but couldn't bring myself to buy. Though the summer heat is making me think of all the outdoor cooking stuff I could use...

    I follow your blog and I follow you on Facebook


  141. for starters i'd buy a tapered rolling pin and sushi set.
    I love love love your blog and am subscribed to your blog and follow you on facebook. keep up the fab recipes that push us to go just a little extra.....

  142. What I really WANT is an ice cream maker. What is most practical in my life, though, is a wine chiller (as using the floor under my bed as a "cellar" for my reds is getting kinda silly).

    Stefwolf7 at gmail dot com

    I follow you on google reader. I <3 google reader. And I <3 you!

  143. Well first off $150 worth of kitchen gadgets is basically my dream. I'm a college student, well grad student now, with very little money for baking/cooking/kitchen stuff.

    This website is almost too amazing to pick just a few things from!
    I would have to say that if I could I would buy the cactus shaped corn bread molds and some silicone cupcake cups and a large wood cutting board!

    I follow your blog and I am a fan on facebook!

  144. After selling Pampered Chef for a few years, my kitchen is full to bursting with tools. :) I really need a new updated kitchen, but I don't think that $150 will go far...although they do sell kitchen sinks and faucets. And I guess I could always use more silicon baking mats (since I only have one). Come to think of it, I don't own a food processor...where to put it would be a problem though...not enough counter space.

    I've been following your blog and on facebook too. Thanks for all your hard work with the Scottish tablet. I have to try it out for my Scottish husband soon. :)


  145. Well, my first thought is to put the money towards a stand mixer as that's the number one item I am missing for baking. But I might also do a bunch of little things, kitchen tools that I need/want better versions of, like some more spring-form pans, a bigger mesh strainer, et cetera.

    I certainly do follow your blog, but I don't really use facebook, so no following there.

    rlpeters at ucdavis dot edu

  146. sylan0@hotmail.com

    As I'll be moving out hopefully in a few months it would go to anything needed for our new kitchen (as my stock of things is still rather limited) and for brownie points I'm sure I could spare $9 for your rolling pin as well =P

    Been following the blog since someone linked it on twitter, and now on facebook as well, love the stories and pictures of recipes while I don't bake much myself.

  147. Ooohh - what a great giveaway! I have followed your blog for... a while now, man! And am about to head over to find you on Facebook (how did I not follow you there, too?).

    With $150... tops on my list would be a food processor, some new cooking racks ad maybe a fun pie plate or two... but man, that would be a fun $150 to spend. :)

    scooney01 (at) gmail (dot) com

  148. Right now? An ice cream maker! :) I am craving ice cream like crazy!

    My email is araleith at gmail dot com.

    I have been following your blog for a while, I loooove the science cookies!

  149. First of all, I love your blog!!! This was my first experience with food blogging, and I feel in love immediately. I now follow several blogs, but yours is always on the top of the list. :-)

    With $150, I would buy an ice cream maker, some tart pans, the store-and-feed travel dog bowl for the pup and whatever else the hubby wants. Gotta love online shopping, especially when it's free!


  150. This comment has been removed by the author.

  151. I've been wanting to buy a spice rack or a fancy blender. Such a fantastic giveaway!


    Thank you =)

  152. I really want a new standing mixer, ours is on its last leg and I use it a lot...

    LOVE your blog.

    paigemturner at hotmail dot com

  153. I'd love to get a Le Creuset dutch oven! omydarlingblog(at)gmail(dot)com

    Also, I'm a new GFC follower.

  154. The calphelon knives are very needed here. I follow on facebook and I'm subscribed to your RSS feed. Thank you!'

    yolandaphotography at gmail dot com

  155. In my wildest dreams, I have a Le Creuset Crêpe Pan... In real life, my parents would rather not shell out $100 so I can make "thin pancakes".

    I follow your blog on Facebook and I'm subscribed to your RSS feed through google.

    trefish2 at comcast dot net

  156. 1. I would love a real rolling in!
    2. imperfectcomplainer@gmail.com
    3. I'm following you through google reader!

  157. Mmm I'd have a hard time deciding between a food processor or a number of nice containers/carafes for all my home infusions. The old salsa jars just aren't that pretty.

    I follow you both on google and facebook.

    stellarunalight at gmail

  158. * gwendolynshea@gmail.com OR ladyofrevolution@gmail.com
    * There's SO much I need for my kitchen! I've only recently started cooking/baking. And I have no cake pans, no griddle, no MIXER! The list of things I need for my kitchen is looong.
    * I follow your blog, (have you book marked and check every day!) and I follow on face book. My first stop for delicious deserts! Love this blog!

  159. love love love your blog!
    I follow you on google and facebook : )
    I would get a kitchen utility cart, I have to use one for my blog in my living room to capture the only natural light I have, lol. And I can use a new one with more surface area. Thanks so much for being so generous!

  160. Thank you for doing this giveaway! Very generous.

    I have wanted a Dutch oven for a while, and I found an 8qt KitchenAid one in a very pretty shade of blue on CSN. I also desperately need some new mixing/serving bowls and found a few sets on CSN. Some even have covers, which I’ve never seen before and which would be very handy. Even if I don’t get the gift certificate, I might get those anyway :)

    I am now following your blog and Facebook, and my email is scarlettandmelly@gmail.com.

  161. Can't decide... One of the pastry tip sets, the disposeable pastry bags, or the awesome pastry bag/tip drying rack they have. I know that's three things, but at least I have a theme. :)

  162. Definitely the KitchenAid stand mixer. I've never had one, and I need it so bad!

    P.S. I'm a follower!

  163. Oh wow, I'd definitely get a Kitchen aid mixer, but then again there are so many things that I need...and want...

    I follow you on Google reader

    gmail: exsalla

  164. Hey there... spent some quality time looking through the kitchen section and ended up with a new whetstone for my knives ^_^.

    chibitsa at gmail dot com

    Following you on fb and via google reader!

  165. I think it would be wonderful to have a few of the Nordicware Natural Commercial 13" Bakers Quarter Sheets. Nice rolling pin though!
    katiekarr at gmail dot com

  166. You're in my reader!
    katiekarr at gmail dot com

  167. iwu1010@yahoo.com

    I would really really love a stand mixer because right now I use a handheld one for everything... or kitchen scales, which might be more affordable :]

    I follow your blog but not on Facebook

  168. sarah@rwhein.com

    Anything I want for my kitchen??? Hmm... but there's so much! What I want the most right now is:

    Kitchenaid ice cream bowl
    Extra Kitchenaid mixing bowl
    New baking pans - all please!

    Oh, and that marble rolling pin looks amazing! Probably that, too.

  169. I have found myself lately wishing I had a mortar and pestle. And I need a new pepper mill.

    I follow you through Blogger and LOVE your scientific cookies. I also follow on Facebook.


  170. Wow what a great giveaway. I would definitely put that gift certificate towards a stand mixer. Though that might cause me to lose my one reliable arm workout. So maybe I'd put it towards a Le Creuset dutch oven instead.

    I follow you on facebook and through google.


  171. What a great giveaway! I would buy a non-stick madeleine pan, a balloon whisk and a sillicone baking mat.

    I follow you via Twitter (not sure if that counts). My email is HanaasKitchen at live dot com.

  172. Hmmmm... I'd probably put it towards a stand mixer, or an ice cream maker of some kind. Knives are always nice to have though.

    I follow you as well ^_^


  173. I am a follower (Sandra Chang) and I would love to have the Hamilton 10 cup food processor! I recently just broke the food processor we had for years so I could really use a new one! Thanks for a chance to win!


  174. oops, I forgot my e-mail address.

    moonchaii80 @ yahoo.com

  175. I would loooove a Le Creuset Dutch Oven...especially since they're having a super deal on the set! Or else I'm sure I could find a billion little gadgets and doohickeys I want to buy!


    I follow you on Facebook!

  176. Oh my goodness...how to decide?? Well, first, my email is sarahw5484@gmail.com and I follow your blog and now follow you on facebook as well :)

    As for what I would buy...I would have to get a little something for my puppy child, and then probably some new knives...oh there are so many options!

  177. So - my email is wench0398 at aol . I would buy some baking pans that I don't have - one can always use new baking stuff especially when you bake 15-20 dozen cookies a week with the grandson! (Or cookie cutters - we've been doing a lot of cutouts...)
    I follow you on facebook and via google...would love to let my grandson help me spend that gift certificate!!


  178. I would love a bundt cake pan. I know it sounds silly. I like big bundts and I cannot lie....

  179. i'd love a copper bowl.. however there's probably a few more important things i might need. tart pans, half sheet pans, another silpat.

    I follow you through google reader and on facebook. Enter me thrice!

  180. I adore all the wonderful nerdy that goes on on this blog, btw. With $150 I would buy a new set of pots and pans. I'm still living off of the mismatching ones I bought during undergrad...or maybe put the money toward a new camera to I can take decent photos of my own amateur attempt at a food blog.

    (I also follow on both FB and google!)

  181. iamwhole@yahoo.com

    I would put the gift card toward buying a new mixer! I need one terribly bad!

    I follow on Facebook and GoogleReader! :D

  182. This summer I moved into my very first apartment! I love being in college, being a young independent female, and I love cooking! -but I could definitely use some kitchenware
    I think a waffle maker would be a good investment for me and my roommates, but so would a rolling pin which I don't have either

    I follow on google reader :)
    email: liza.lcs@gmail.com

  183. How exciting! I'm going to be unoriginal and say a Kitchen Aid mixer. A 6 quart lift mixer to be exact. I had one but it's no longer with us. During it's somewhat short life it was extremely busy but it died. I'm having a hard time without it.

  184. - Stand mixer (kitchen aid probably!)
    - a slicer to make the sandwiches I take to school every day semi-affordable (yes, yet another scientist!)

    I follow you on facebook :)
    My email: iwavva_[at]hotmail[dot]com

  185. I'm a poor postdoc just starting to put together a respectable kitchen... there are SO MANY things I still need! But I would start with a good KitchenAid stand mixer. And next maybe a food processor. And after that, maybe an ice cream maker (yum!)

    I'm following you on facebook now!

    Email: jpursley at fnal dot gov

  186. Wow, look at all these people! *looks up and waves*

    Ok, in-my-dreams shopping list comprises:
    * Beautiful bright white table linens
    * Lovely white bone china dinner service
    * This brightly coloured stemware: http://www.cristaldarquesparis.co.uk/News/longchamp-folly/longchamp%282%29.aspx
    (I have some Longchamp glasses but need more - planning my Christmas place settings!)
    * KitchenAid (who DOESN'T want one! Alas they are about $800 in S'pore)
    * Copper bowl
    * Really well-tempered Japanese knife (no time for grouchy knives)
    * Diamond hone (two of my knives are ceramic and getting them sharpened is a pain. Want to learn to do it myself.)

    I follow on FB and just signed up through blogger as well.

    And my email addy is hewitt.louise at gmail dot com

    Good luck everybody!

  187. I really need/want a food processor or a stand mixer. Their green KitchenAid looks amazing :-)

    I have you on my bloglines :-) I started following you when someone posted a link to your science cookies. I also just liked you on facebook.

    rielab @ yahoo dot com

  188. I really want the spatula attachment to my kitchen aid mixer and the ice cream bowl that attaches.
    My email is ruggburne at gmail dot com

  189. I'm moving out on my own for the first time this fall, so... I think I'd go for kitchen basics. I'd get some nice pans, storage containers for flour and things, maybe an ice cream maker (not so basic, I know).

    I follow you on bloglines and facebook.
    My email is hzindel@gmail.com

  190. I think a spatula attachment to my Kitchen Aid and a really good roasting pan.
    I follow your blog, too. :)
    My email is stephilund at gmail dot com!

  191. Hi! I have used the contest as an incentive to actually join as a follower and on Facebook! The things we get around to doing when there are potential prizes at stake.

    Anyway! What I would buy are some cookie cutters to make the awesome science cookies - love those. And some 3D cookie cutter sets. And the Nordicware zoo friends pancake pan and fairytale cottage bundtware cake pan (and pirate ship pan, ooooh and the classic cars pan!!) and . . . well, I'm not done my list, but I think I'd have more than spent the gift certificate.

    Thanks for a great blog. I thoroughly enjoy it.


  192. rachel.beasley@converse.edu

    as I'm getting married in december I should say kitchen basics but I really want a ice cream maker and a cany themometer

    I follow your blog!

  193. I could use a ton of kitchen tools! Double Boiler, cake pans, hand mixers, stand mixer. Really, too many things to list. Maybe I just need to have a wedding? lol.

  194. I would use the gift card to buy something...I don't know what yet. It would definitely have to be something for my kitchen. I would have to at least get a mortar and pestle.

    I also follow on Google.


  195. I am a follower! Your blog is definitely among my favorites of any I have seen! :)


    After reading your blog, I'd really like to get a copper mixing bowl, as well as some new cookie sheets, a springform pan, and a French rolling pin.

  196. I would use the gift card to help pay for a Kitchen Aid mixer. I have wanted one for SO long but being a full time college student, I don't really have enough extra spending money to purchase one.


    I also follow your blog. :)

  197. The gift certificate sounds great! And I know their stores do have loads and loads cool goodies to offer - for all budgets and tastes! I know, because I've been previously contacted by them too ;-) Needless to say, I'd love to win said certificate, but not being a resident of USA or Canada, I am here commeting "just for fun" :) I'd spend it on cookware from Alessi - I'm head over heels in love with their kitchen stuff! Adore my heart-shaped spoons to pieces!!


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