Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Giveaway Closed!

Morning everyone!

I'm officially closing the giveaway. I won't be able to accept any comments posted after 11am PST today. Barring any disasters--like my daughter getting into the slips and eating them--I'll post the winner of the drawing tomorrow. I had planned on doing it today, but I am still filling out these little pieces of paper.

(Yes, Random.org would be simpler but with all the double and triple entries and the spread sheet I would have to create to list everyone, this feels easier and I can photograph a real drawing. Whereas a shot of me hitting the Random button feels kind of... hollow. Right?. Besides, my two year old has this instinctive pesky-toddler desire to come over and repeatedly palm slap my laptop's keyboard whenever I am working on important documents.)

Also, I apologize for not getting my usual Monday post up. Father's Day had me a bit busy this weekend and I ended up cooking for Monday's post on Monday (never a good blogger move). I ended up waiting for a batch of Pomegranate ice cream to firm up so I could scoop and photograph it. However, by the time I expected it to be ready, much of my light had faded so I decided to put off the shoot until today.

Of course, being my normal scatter brained self, I often return containers of ice cream into the refrigerator rather than freezer.

Which is where I found it this morning.

The refrigerator.

Yea, this batch of ice cream isn't looking so firm.

So, I'm going to make the ice cream again today, as it was absolutely delicious and blog worthy. Though, I may make a few adjustments since I have the opportunity to toy with it again.

For the pie contest folks. I still have 2/3 pies to test and taste. I'll try to whip out another one today. Hopefully I can squeeze it in between the paper slips, the ice cream, and the dentist... which is where I am heading off to now.

Hopefully my pearly whites have weathered the onslaught of Scottish Tablet and the Honeycomb Ice Cream reasonably well.



  1. I'll look forward to your next post; pomegranate ice cream sounds delicious.

    I can tell you're busy and stressed; there are at least three typos in your first few sentences.

  2. One would think I would learn my lesson about throwing together a post before running out the door. It never, ever goes well.

    Well, I'm back from the dentist and I think I've fixed most of my blunders.

    As for the ice cream. It is fantastic. It is very similar to Häagen-Dazs Pom-Chip and with a little tweak of the milk to cream ratios I think I can replicate it.

  3. Where do you find Poms this time of year?

  4. How funny that you are are going old-school and physically doing a drawing!

  5. I'm using juice for this batch of ice cream. I have a few bottles of Pom-Wonderful kicking around my refrigerator.

    You know, cooking or baking with pomegranates year round isn't too difficult. In addition to all the berries I have stashed away, I keep a few pounds of pomegranates arils in my freezer (they keep beautifully in there).

    I usually hunt down a box of pomegranates when they are cheap and in season from my local Asian or Middle Eastern super market and then spend a day pulling them a part and gathering up the arils.

    My hands are usually red for a few days afterwards, but it is always worth the effort.

  6. I think it's totally fair to leave your readers hanging for a while if you need time to relax! Things sound hectic.

  7. i have been pulling apart pomegranates myself today...is that a sign?
    i find if i use a bit of bleach in water my stained hands begin to turn a paler shade of red...

  8. Oh no, I was to busy to enter your wonderful giveaway! *slapsself*

  9. I heard that if you open your pomegranate under water all the little seedy things will just float out. I've never tried it myself, but it sounds like it would work. And man.... a pomegranate sounds perfect right now. So delicious.

  10. Please do not apologize. A blog is for you and we get to benefit. You owe us nothing. Just live life and post the delicious things you do -- we will be here when things return to normal. Nothing ruins fun like turning it into work.


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