Thursday, January 26, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

I get a surprising amount of email. Most of it is normal.
Not all. Just most.

A belated happy New Year to everyone! 

It's late, I know. I'm pretty much behind on everything. Baking, blogging, household projects, the NSHP email inbox... you name it, I'm behind. Needless to say, my Christmas cards did not go out this year.

I'm juggling several big project-thingy-boppers right now but hopefully I'll soon be able to work on a blog post that includes more than just silly little drawings. 


Ms. Humble


  1. Curious! (Love the doodle btw)

  2. when you are ready…we will be here…no worries!

  3. My feed almost exploded when your post came through. I was all like "I forgot about Ms. Humble!"

  4. Lovin' those "silly little drawings" and I'm betting you get those kind of "requests" all the time. Nice to see all is active in Humble world.

  5. So glad to see you're back blogging, well and happy. Great drawings! Looking forward to more posts.

  6. Hi!! So glad you're still here!! :-). Hope all is well with your kiddies!

  7. Ms Humble
    I am so glad you are still with us, I was beginning to think my favourite blogger was hanging up her keyboard.

    In your absence I have tried the grapefruit drizzle cake recipe (very adventerous for me) and gazed longingly at the macarons recipe, which is a long-term goal of mine.

    Happy New Year, and I am looking forward to your next blog.

    1. I have just found this blog I love it . I just hope you keep blogging.


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