Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blogging from London

14 hours, 2 flights, 1 meal.
Yellow things with green thing in-between.
Pastry with 'red' filling. Delicious.
Well, not really.

I've survived my trip overseas. Ms. Humble: 1 Volcano: 0.

It was an absolutely exhausting trip. Even though we started the 14 hour trip at 10 pm, my toddler did everything she could to ensure I got as little sleep as possible (roughly an hour, yay). It was worth it though. I was able to keep her from disturbing others on the flights, which is always my goal when traveling with the Little Humble. I can always catch up on sleep. I can't so easily scour the memory of angry, sleep deprived economy class neighbors.

So I'm going to start posting the pies for the contest. Along with occasional posts by me from the road.

Few notes on how we're going to do this. Like I mentioned in the contest announcement, I'm choosing a winner from these pies. However there will be a democratic component to choosing the winner, I will be looking at the comments on the pies to help make my decision.

I'll be in Morocco this weekend (volcano willing) and I'll choose a prize from the dejamaa el fan. I'll post details about that as soon as able, of course.

So, lets get down to business with our first pie...


  1. Welcome to London sweetie. Let's eat some yummy English food!

  2. I plan on going to London next year, so a step by step guide would be lovely! Have an awesome trip!

  3. Please tell me that's not the Kosher meal...if it is, than i am big trouble on my 8 hr plane flight to England this September...

  4. This is not the Kosher meal. I wasn't wise enough to request kosher this flight.

    This is supposedly an 'omelet'. Of which I asked the flight-attendant who was serving it what was inside to which he replied: "Sweetie, I have no idea."

    Not exactly a confidence booster.

    The alternative was pancakes, a dish that even in the best of times I don't get along with very well so I picked the mystery omelet.

    Which, now that I think about it... would make an excellent band name.

  5. plane food is awful. mystery food indeed!

  6. 14 hours isn't so bad. Try the 20 hours/4 flights/missed connection/total 36 hours travel (inclusive of getting to the airport, etc etc) doing a trip from Melbourne, Australia to Atlanta, Georgia, USA! 12 hours makes up the leg from Sydney to LA alone...


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