Monday, December 28, 2009

Mouse Cookie Cutter Winners!

My random integer generator's picks for last week's mouse cookie cutter giveaway:

J Levine said...
I run the undergraduate research office at my university, and my students are completely in love with your science cookies, which I made for our holiday open house. You are a goddess, and I would love a cookie cutter. :)

Lauren said...
Round 2!! I wanted the mouse anyway, so this works out. :)

kk9irl said...
Omigoodness please enter me in mouse cutout contest #2!
I am definitely a bio nerd, and have interned in labs working with both drosophila and mice! 

Mrs. DeRaps said...
My students would be so excited if I made them little mouse cookies! Especially with the issues we've had with actual little furry goblins in the past. 

Thanks for the opportunity!

kathy said...
Do we want you to give away more stuff? Of course we do!

How about a science cookie design recipe contest for January? We could design the cookies,make them, email you a picture and/or post them on our blogs

I don't see emails in any of your profiles (three of them are private), so if you would please email me your mailing addresses (my email is listed on the left in my blogger profile) and then post a reply in this thread saying you've done so (so I know it is you). I'll carefully package up the little cutters and send them on their way.

And yes Kathy, I would love to do a science cookie design contest one of these days, that sounds like oodles of fun. A science cookie round up would be great too!

If anyone is interested, send me photos of your cookies and permission to post them and I will periodically post a 'Not so Humble Cookie Round Up'. I have already received several batches of digital baked goods, so maybe I will do the first one sometime this week.


  1. I have sent my address, I'm very excited!!

  2. your cookies and cakes and other yummies are amazing. i just want to reach into the screen to take a bite (or three). thank you for being so creative.

    bisous xx,

  3. I just emailed you my mailing address, thank you so much!
    I will definitely send you pictures if successful!

  4. Can't wait to see the 'Not so Humble Science Cookie Round Up' pictures! This is a great idea.

  5. That is a great idea, and I am making cookies today...I am on a hunt for cookie cutters later today!

  6. Would you be willing to share where a gal can pick up some of those mouse cookie cutters for herself (and mum)?

  7. Woww looks great, thank you so much!


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